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Bike Drift

Seeing is believing....



Camp Red Frog

A tour of Red Frog Events in stuff...




Zenvo ST-1

Cool car...enjoy!




Walk On By

Peter White performing a Contemporary Jazz version...enjoy!



Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room our usual cappuccino and biscotti is served, come in make yourself comfortable. can read our publication on a mobile/smart device.

Before we forget, in an age of social media, may we suggest that you take advantage of the various platforms, especially if you have not been served right. Why you should use social media, believe us it works very well in most instances. In our case the companies that we communicated with through social media responded promptly. In most instances not only responded, but resolved the issue to our satisfaction. 

Try it you will be surprised...usually pleasantly surprised.

Think about it, if more folks would take a few moments to communicate their dissatisfaction, it makes a huge difference, in how we are all treated when we spend our money, be it for a product or service.

The companies that have not been responsive, we make it a point to no longer do business with them.

We told you The Colonel was away for a few days, he took some As well as reading "Steve Jobs" which is captivating, and its on special at Chapters for $25. While The Colonel was away, the Strada Crew had a few items rectified on his car. 

The LA Auto Show starts the 2012 show season, yes in the auto business new models be it good, bad, or exceptional are always exciting. Its always fascinating the see the brief comments about details on new vehicles. 

As you can imagine They Don't Know How To Sell Them, created interest, and hopefully provoked some At some point we will discuss further why some vehicles don't sell, stay tuned. In case you had forgotten all our Officina entries

How fitting, as the price of oil goes beyond $100 a barrel, we have a Volt for a few days. Our first drive was 85 kms on our 400 series hoighways which was done half on the battery, and the other half on the ICE. 

Remember when money was paper and credit cards were plastic, its come full circle with our new polymer (plastic) money....yes we got one...