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Shaping Ideas

Thought provoking comments by Hans Rosling...does "lack of global governance" resonate during chaotic economic times?



Joy of Statistics

Thought provoking perspective on a Monday to start the week and last quarter of the year...



Road to 200 MPH

Cool video of Roland Sands and Victory in their quest for a 200 MPH mile...enjoy!



Being Alive

Living is not easy....take a moment to congratulate yourself...




Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Last day of the month, last day of the quarter, its Friday. How appropriate to have a Vroom Room! Come in make yourself comfortable, its espresso, and biscotti this morning.

We have been publishing Strada for 5 years, who would have thought, accompanied by 3 years on Twitter...time has surely accelerated, who would have believed....again Thank You So Much to all our friends and supporters. 

Why do we keep on doing this? Yes...its work, its passion, its fun, its not the money, it must be more PASSION...we could keep on going...surely by now you know exactly what we mean...

What developed this past month? We reviewed a few vehicles, used social media to resolve a refrigerator challenge, had an interesting experience acquiring a laptop...The Colonel went for a totally cool Sunday morning motorcycle ride...long overdue for that ride!

We came across a fascinating article in Forbes titled Techonomy - Social Power, our refrigerator challenge is an excellent example of Techonomy...totally impressed how it was handled, and resolved by the folks at Kitchen Absolutely we made it a point to communicate how it was resolved.

We acquired a laptop using Technomy, the sales person was almost in disbelief, we told him "You never expected to sell a laptop so fast did you"...the reply "No".

One of the cars we reviewed, the tires being well tracked, we were wondering how the vehicle was used, being a small world...interesting that we discover how the tires were worn...reinforcing the "why" manufacturers are loath to make high performance cars available to the press. 

As anyone figured what is going on with Gen Y's and Rolex watches...for some reason Gen Y's seem to have an interest/affinity for Rolex watches...if you know...tell us about it.

Some years ago we commented that if someone flushes a toilet on one side of the planet, it will affect someone else on the other side of the planet. The various financial markets are all flushing toilets, and behaving as if its going into their septic tanks. Fortunately some folks are telling other folks that its not the case...

In the meantime, cinch down your seat belt, and prepare yourself for a challenging last quarter of usual you need to be your own editor. Especially when it seems that everyone has an opinion...

From Seth Godin, a thought provoking

Old race cars that Juan Manuel Fangio