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1959 Corvette ZR59

Cool car with a myriad of subtle changes...



Vroom Room

Good Morning!

Its Friday...its the Vroom Room, come in we have cappuccino and biscotti, make yourself comfortable, join the conversation. 

We all have our moments in life, take a look at this

The other day the thought that styling is a personal preference resurfaced. After reading the various opinions, from numerous pundits regarding the vehicles at NAIAS. It reinforced that styling is a personal perspective, and what might be appealing to one, is lets just say not so appealing to another. 

Yes...we all have opinions regarding styling, and the sales prospects of various models. The opinions, or crystal ball we don't have is the sales outcomes of specific models when programs are applied to those models (to move iron). 

Its always fascinating to see concept vehicles that will become reality in a few years, will usually undergo "changes" as they become a reality. Often its a game of "We really don't have much now, or in the immediate future, lets show a concept, lets verbally dress it up, and create some buzz with the pundits." 

At one time in the computer industry it was known as "vaporware" the auto industry is it a case of you don't have the real thing, create buzz with "conceptware".

Before we forget, the global brands for

Yes...the auction season opens in

By now you know that we take a look at Canadian sales on a quarterly basis, to gain insight beyond the monthly numbers. You also know that we share our thoughts on what is behind, and ahead of the numbers. Our review of 2011

Spectacular photos of old race




Retro Moto

Found this on The Selvedge Yard
"Trailer for show about Classic Motorcycles and the people who love them." 


Canadian Sales 2011

Our review of Candian Sales for 2011





Creative People

Some things never change...