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Long Time Coming!

Is it really true? We mention that we experience moments, all sorts of moments. The Twitter moments are usually the most interesting, and unexpected...which makes them endearing, and memorable. Often moments become more compelling if one takes the time to connect a few additional dots. 

We call them moments, since we usually deal with bits here, fragments there, its when they connect that the entire moment becomes clear, transparent, meaningful, and compelling. 

Here is the latest moment...

<> A few days ago we are watching our Twitter feed on Tweetdeck, as you know at times the feed is fast, and challenging to read....after a while one gets used to catching bits here, and fragments there, and an avatar somewhere else.

<> Out of nowhere your retina sees "something"...did I just see what I thought I saw, lets focus on this entry!

<> On reading the entry, Wow am I reading, what I think I'm reading! Sure looks like it. 

<> Its been a long time coming, its about time! Is it really true? This might make my day.

<> The source is credible (should be), but its several layers removed, perhaps there are too many intermediaries, and the information becomes opaque as it bounces from one to another. 

<> One can start seeking more information by doing a search, or one can remain within the Twitter environment, and quickly seek additional information or confirmation. What do you think happens? Yes...stay within Twitter and the initial information is quickly confirmed by reliable sources.

<> Perhaps a search engine would have confirmed the information, but it was more human, expedient, and fun to get confirmation through Twitter.

<> About the information...lets just say that it was a long time coming! made the rest of the day!




The Ferrari Moment

The exclamations (@#$%) say it all...obvious the thud did some damage...

First Ferrari FF Crash!





Take a moment...its cool and thought provoking...



NHRA is 60

Did you know the NHRA is 60...yes the National Hot Rod Assiciation is 60 years old. Agreed if you are a drag racing fan you know the NHRA, perhaps you have gone to Nationals, perhaps you remember Wally Parks (the founder), and some of the starts.


Take a few minutes for some drag racing




Plant Zero

Informative video of actitivites at "Plant Zero"...