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We Start 2013

Good Morning!

1953 Cadillac Eldorado

2013 is our 7 th year!

Here we go with fresh resolutions, renewed perspectives, reinvigorated passion. Its usually what happens when we have a few days off. Its also when a heightened sense of reality sets in after the holiday euphoria.

Hopefully you had an opportunity to share the company of family and friends, joyful meals, good wines, perhaps a cigar, and that Santa Claus was good to you.

Yes...the Cadillac in the photo is 60 years old...

This morning we fire up the engine for the lap of 2013...and wr are excited to see and experience how this lap develops. Yes we are thankful, and appreciative for all the previous laps, while at times being humbled by what goes on, other times disturbed, and every other emotion that comes along.

Some vehicles that we wanted to review for a bunch of reasons outside of our control did not happen, and we have additional vehicles in our sights for the coming months. 

We started work on a white paper, or is it more appropriate to call it an ebook in 2013, its almost done, it deals with one aspect of execution in the car business. Its not related to social media...we agree you are probably tired of hearing "social media" and a bunch of individuals that are "social media gurus".

Quick thought on social media for 2013:

If you need to attend a seminar or a conference to have a guru tell you what social media can do for your business, what strategy you should have, and how to execute. You are so far behind the 8 ball that social media will not help you at this stage. 

Its never too late to start, simply keep in mind that the folks that are enlightened, are light years ahead of you in 2013. These folks do not attend seminars, and will not tell you what they are doing, when, and why they are doing it...they will not share their real competitive advantage with you.

Wonder what Thought VII.XIII - 1 means? 

Thought = Thought Factory

VII = 7 th year of Strada, yes we have been publishing for 7 years in 2013

XIII = 13 the calendar year 2013

1 = month January

One of our resolutions for 2013 is to be thankful and appreciative on a daily basis for what we have, starting with all the priceless stuff money cannot buy. We hope you will do the same.

Yes...the engine is running, and warmed up for 2013...lets GO!!!!!



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