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Vroom Room

Good Morning!

Ferrari GTOFerrari GTO with patinaIts Friday, yes its the Vroom Room come in we have cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation.

Did VW/Audi purchase Ducati? Sure looks like it from this article.

The other day we were discussing among ourselves the power of advertising, including the promotional e-mails one gets usually during the second half of the month (wonder why?). You see some vehicles on the road, and instead of saying its a this or a that, its a 398 a month with 3 down.

Especially when it comes to entry level luxury sedans, which seem to be everywhere these days. Makes sense after a few years of record sales, and reselling them as CPO cars (great formula). 

What do you drive? Just got a 500 a month with nothing down? Wow you got a 500, yes could have turned it into a 398 with 3 down. 

Are we nearing or are we there...when vehicles become commodities, a few decades ago this thought was almost its a different story...especially when many are going around with a 398 a month.

What do you think?

BTW have you noticed that James Hinchcliffe (yes he's Canadian) is doing very well in the Indy Car Series this year.

From back in the day...a wicked 1970 Firebird.

An informative interview with Jon Shirley the guy with all the Ferrari's and fascinating photo gallery. Did you know his favorite track is Mt.Tremblant. 


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