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Vroom Room

Good Morning!

1951 Mercury1951 Mercury - photo TRJIts Friday the 13, its the Vroom Room...we have cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation, leave a comment.

We agree Port Dover must be populated with motorcycles today...its Friday the 13 th.

Yes...its an iconic '51 Mercury on the beach at Daytona, which reinforces that some things never change...a dropped lead sled with a chopped top 60 years later is still cool.

From back in the day when sheet metal changes were an annual occurrence, and expected. Also from back in the day when most if not all cars had frames. 

Before we forget, the Bank of Canada Business Outlook Survey for Spring 2012...take a moment to review.

The other day we drove by a dealer fronting a highway, and wondered again...what is it with dealers moving their inventory closer, and closer to the road, and wondered if anyone has a made a study relating closeness to the road, to increased sales. Ever wonder what the outcome would be? 

Who wants a vehicle that has spent numerous days, parked in the weeds, collecting humidity on the underside?

You may have missed Snake Oil earlier this week! What do you think?

Take a look at the latest Cigarette Top Gun, agreed its bold in red and white.

Our usual old race cars LeMans Corvette 1960 a fascinating story worth the time.


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