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Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Always "Dream Big"...Its the first Friday of the month, Christmas is approaching fast, its the Vroom Room, come in make yourself comfortable, enjoy the cappuccino, join the conversation.

While uploading the photo of the Cadillac ATS, we noticed that we are at 80 vehicles in our Wall of Reviews, now if someone a few years ago would have told us....

We are confident that through our reviews we have assisted folks to finalise their vehicle decisions. 

In case you missed it, scroll down and take the time to watch the Project Re Brief video, its an hour well spent...fascinating to see differences, and similarities.

Canadian sales in November continue to uphold their momentum, which is developing into a strong of the strongest. Encouraging to see sales at such a robust level for the year. Yes...we anticipated slightly softer sales results.

Some time ago we started publishing our thoughts on Canadian sales, which have garnered interest, have been dowloaded, have been widely read. We have to clear impression that some folks are emulating what we started...are we flattered...should we be flattered...what do you think?

This week Lincoln provided a myriad of pundits with fodder on their renewed vigor to establish a presence in the luxury segment. There are folks that probably remember Lincoln being a luxury car in the distant past, when the pecking order was Cadillac (GM), Lincoln (Ford), and Imperial (Chrysler), and at some point they all lost their ways, and gave the segment to others (we all know who they are).

Cadillac after literally being pounded underground a generation ago, has been in revival mode for close to half a generation (10 years), with moments of brilliance, and moments that have been less enlightening. Some of the cars are much better than the sales numbers indicate...a case of the product not getting a fair opportunity in a competitive market, and branding gone astray.

Now Lincoln is emulating Cadillac from half a generation ago, lets see how well they do, what innovative thinking they will bring to the segment, how much fortitude, and endurance they will have to sustain a long term effort.  

Lets congratulate Lincoln's boldness, while wishing them well....

This week we had the unique opportunity to witness first hand the migration from a Motorola Razr to an iPhone 5, from "I don't need a smart device, I just make calls" "This is a fun smart device". One quickly realisizes that smart devices are a lucrative product for the various phone and data carriers, providers. The phone plan doubles by becoming a data plan (we knew that).

Our usual old race cars from the Zandvort Historic Grand Prix 2012  


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