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Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, come in make yourself comfortable, we have cappuccino and biscotti hopefully you will join the conversation. 

By now you know that The Colonel was away for a few days...or what seemed like a few days to him, he is back fully immersed in reality and going strong.

We absolutely urge to take some time off, unplug, disconnect, change scenery, focus on the simpler or is it the essentials of life. We highly recommend the experience.

By the frequency of advertising in mid October, we had the feeling that it was developing into a strong month for most manufacturers. We continue to be impressed by Hyundai/Kia which have not missed a beat this year, while our bewilderment with GM increases on a monthly basis. The underlying strategy of all manufacturers was to start the last quarter of the year aggressively to immediately gain sales. 

We often wondered why Suzuki still bothers to sell vehicles with the dismall sales figures they generate in Canada. Seems that the US unit has seen the light, and has stopped selling vehicles. In Canada Suzuki reinforced their commitment to continue selling vehicles. What do you think?

We had the unique opportunity of experiencing mild effects of Hurricane Sandy in the Caribbeans for 3 days, quickly realizing "this thing is big", to watching the devastation in the Eastern US, to contacting home in Toronot to ensure that all was safe.

One quickly realisizes that there are forces that are completely beyond human efforts, although in a connected world we might think that we are in control, we remain frail compared to what nature can unleash. A fascinating photo gallery of Hurricane Sandy

Have you noticed the flow of free advice given to Barack Obama, as we always say, its impertive to be your own editor and make sense of the various opinions from the myriad of pundits.

An informative infographic on commuting by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Better Transportation Options=Healthier Lives.

If you are in Windsor and have an urge for Italian food, visit Da Luciano Trattoria on Erie Street, great food, friendly service.

Our ususl old race cars from the Luigi Musso Historical Grand Prix.




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