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Back to Reality

As you have concluded by now The Colonel took a few days off...he thinks its only a few. He is here this morning, lets see what is on his mind.

Q- Colonel...Good Morning its back to reality on a Monday morning.

A- Yes...been back for a few days already, its nice to get away, and nice to get back.

Q- Where did you go? What did you do?

A- Guys that's a lot of questions. Flew with Westjet from YYZ to POP, staid at Blue Bay Villas Doradas, seeked to have a "simple" completely "unplugged" time, focusing on sun, sand, nature.

Q- We are increasingly hearing about the "digital detox" experience which is beneficial and perhaps almost required.

A- Precisely, we spend our time completely wired, be it at work or home. We are bombarded by a myriad of media platforms, while participating in a bunch of these platforms. Unplugging is a great learning experience.

Q- A learning experience?

A- Absolutely, when you take the time, you learn about yourself, consider different perspectives, and focus on simpler aspects of life and the world around you. Obvious that a change of scenery is helpful too.

Q- Perhaps, different folks have different priorities when they take time off.

A- Absolutely, it depends where their situation in life, what will provide a relief, what they are seeking and so on...for different folks its different priorities. 

Q- Heard that you walked a good amount...

A- Early morning walks on the beach are an ideal time to get some exercise and be reflective, its a priceless experience. In addition its great exercise for the legs, calves, when you are barefoot, and the sand is soft.

Q- Did you meet interesting folks...

A- Absolutely...its part of human nature to connect with other folks.

Q- Did you take some photos?

A- What do you think? The Beach 2012...take a look.

Q- Heard that you can get around with helicopters, stretched limos.

A- Yes...for the folks that want/need all the comforts. We went around with a horse drawn carriage, and a horse ride on the beach. horsepower. 

Q- Heard that you befriended stray dogs on the beach?

A- Perhaps the dogs befriended us, it was a mutual thing, it seemed that the dogs preferred to follow us on our morning walks rather than other folks. Dogs learn by observing, it was a reflective experience to observe beach dogs. Take a look...Perros de la Playa.

Q- Did you experience Hurricane Sandy?

A- Yes for 3 days, it was a huge system, grey skies, rain, ominous clouds, impressive system which reinforced the power of nature. When it finally moved on, the birds started chirping again in the morning. 

Q- Your "time off" was a cool experience?

A- Totally simple and enjoyable. We have to be very thankful and appreciative that we can do it.



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