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Is It Just Cheap Gas?

We started Think Verde almost 9 years ago. Back then we would have thought that by 2015 there would be a higher percentage of vehicle on the road with an electric motor. in one form or another.

Agreed...a lot of things have changed since 2007.

Is it the price of gas that is impacting hybrids and electric vehicles?

In no particular order...

A used vehicle is a green vehicle

Think about it, if you acquire a used vehicle you are recycling, you most probably replaced one used vehicle by another; saving a ton of resources, and energy, by recycling.

The path of least resistance

Absolutely, any vehicle with an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) offers a path of least resistance, and potentially higher profits.

Consumer preference

Its easy to verbalise that consumers prefer vehicles with an ICE, especially with cheaper gas. It sounds good. Especially when the tone around electric, hybrid is appreciably more subdued starting with the auto manufacturers.

Shifting Interest

If 9 years ago the talk was electric, today the talk is self driving. The interest has shifted from electric to self driving.

Range Anxiety

Almost forgot that term, in cold climates it still exists. While we always see the occasional Tesla Model S in all kinds of climatic conditions. It remains an issue. it the Price of Gas?

From our perspective...NO.

It might be a factor, among a myriad of other factors that have dampened the interest, momentum in electric and hybrid vehicles.