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BMW i3 Tear Down

The BMW i3 is elctric,has carbon fiber, and caught our attention some time ago.

If you have been following the auto industry, you surely know that manufacturers tear down, and benchmark vehicles from other manufacturers.

Munro & Assiciates has torn down an i3 this video (a little long) is an absolute must watch if you have an interest in electric cars, tear downs, and benchmarking.

BMW i3 Tear Down - Uncovering the Secrets from Automotive Megatrends on Vimeo.



BMW i3

BMW to Unveil the BMW i3 Production Model to the World at a Special Event on Monday, July 29th

The Fully-Electric BMW i3 is the First Purpose-Built Electric Vehicle Made Primarily of Carbon Fiber


BMW will unveil its car of the future—the BMW i3—to the world in simultaneous events in New York City, London and Beijing at 8:00 a.m. EST, Monday, July 29.This production model represents the first purpose-built electric vehicle to be made primarily of carbon.                                                                                            

Monday July 29th at 8:00 a.m. EST

Highlights of the event will be available after 2 PM  at

The three events will be simulcast, so viewers can experience the events in real-time around the world.  Global executive management and Global Head of BMW Group Design Adrian van Hooydonk will help present the car.  Members of the BMW executive team will be on hand to discuss the future of mobility and showcase the benefits of the first purpose-built plug-in electric production vehicle to be made primarily from carbon fiber. 

Because of its light weight, carbon fiber technology is expected to fundamentally change the car industry, allowing automakers to create lighter, more efficient and sustainable vehicles with reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions.

The BMW i3, previously known as the “megacity vehicle,” is compact for congested city driving and features doors that open “coach” style, i.e. the rear doors opening in the opposite direction from the front. 

In 2025, 8 billion people will live on the planet; 4.5 billion will live in cities. There will be 1.8 billion cars on the roads.  In order to address the personal mobility needs of people living within the world’s most densely populated urban city centers, BMW created BMW i – the sustainable new sub-brand whose mission is to develop visionary vehicles and mobility services.    





BMW Efficient Dynamics

This is a cool hybrid....



Mini E

We covered the Mini E a few weeks ago, enjoy Jay Leno asking questions, and driving the car.