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Is It The Demise of Diesels?

We are not proponents of small diesel engines in cars (vehicles), although we realise that there is a subset of customers that appreciates a diesel engine in cars. Its presumably some sort of "green thing"...

With the recent VW events, and more stringent on the road testing you can conclude that there will be less small diesel engines in any vehicle, from any manufacturer. Obvious the bigger diesels with the urea tank will endure. Or will those diesels too be impacted? What do you think?

Want to be green get an hydrid, or an electric car as the game changer or disrupter. Not a presumed clean diesel.

If you sort of want to be green, then a clean diesel used to work for you.

In Canada with the increasing popularity of trucks be it CUV, SUV, pick ups the current population of diesel engines in these various vehicles will continue, perhaps even increase. The are big enough to require a bigger diesel engine, with a "urea" system. By now there are enough out there, that everyone is used to adding a "blue" something or other in the blue tank.

We think they are cool too...the Ram Diesel pick up captured our attention a few months ago. A few years ago the ML320 CDI was also of interest.

But is it the demise of diesels in smaller vehicles.

It might just evolve towards a simple question: Does it have a "blue tank"?


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