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The Winter Tires

Its that time of year, with snow around the corner.

The Strada Crew installed the winter tires on Ron. Its the wheels and tires that we had for Walter, that have now migrated to Ron.

When you have your winter tires mounted on wheels, its much easier to transfer from summers to winters literally in your driveway if you have the appropriate tools to change wheels.

The winter tires are 245/45-17 one size smaller in diameter, and a couple of sizes smaller in cross section. As we all know a narrower winter tire works better. Not that 245's are that narrow.

Why do we insist on having winter tires?

> Yes, we like high performance summer tires for the summer.

> High performance summer tires especially 285's in the back are totally useless in snow.

> You need winter tires to take advantage of ABS, traction control, and stability programs.

Our advice:

> Don't even think of driving around with summer tires, especially high performance versions in winter.

> Get seperate wheels for the winter tires, much easier, no mounting and dismounting. Not that much more money for wheels, when you factor in the mounting, dismounting, balancing twice a year.

> After a few years you have paid for the wheels, and less wear and tear on the summer wheels.

> Get a narrower cross section winter tire, improves traction.

One more thing:

Take the time to learn how ABS behaves on snow, and how you can steer the vehicle with your foot on the brake. Understand how traction control works on your vehicle, and how you can get yourself out of situations with traction control. Also understand how much steering input is required to engage the stability program.