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1 Year Update

Time goes by very fast...really fast. Its already 1 year that Ron is part of the "family".

Wires and insulator that were on the ground

A few facts:

  • By now you probably know that Ron is used sparingly, spends a lot of time parked, and travelled approximately 8,000 kilometers in 1 year.
  • Yes...its up to 70,000 klms.
  • The car was detailed in April and waxed twice with Visible Shine.
  • Its had an oil change from our friendly M-B dealer who always provides us with superior service. Not that it needed an oil change after only 8,000 kms, but it was about 13 months when the oil was changed last.

Ron has performed well during this past year.

But...and there is always a but, and a first time.

Approximately 10 days ago the suspension malfunction light appeared on the dashboard. Yes...its an air suspension and a bunch of stuff can possibly go wrong. The worst is if the suspension goes all the way down at an inopportune time, and leaves us stranded.

As expected this stuff always develops at a time when you don't need it...its always the case.

We drop off the car at the M-B dealer after hours with a note to change the oil, and check the suspension. In the meantime, we find a couple of "chewed up" wires under the car. read about rodents chewing wiring on cars, and it always happens to others, until it happens to you.

Suspension malfunction, wires under the car is it just a coincidence? No its not...some rodent chewed the wiring harness from the front right hand suspension level sensor to the strut...generating the malfunction.

In the meantime The Colonel is travelling, after a few e-mail exchanges more to know if the wires on the ground were related to the malfunction (yes). The dealer resolved the issue in a cost efficient manner. While keeping in mind the labor rate is $152 per hour.

The Colonel usually has a good idea of the cost to repair issues on vehicles, and this repair was "sort of within the estimate" usual The Colonel never asked how much it was going to cost. Something happened to the suspension, its riding very hard, it needs to get repaired as soon as possible. Simple fix the car.

Its still a cool "lead sled"...