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Meet Ron the CLS

How did The Colonel arrive at a 2008 CLS?

544 Carneol Red with 204 Cashmere Beige Leather  H05 Laurel Wood

5.5 L V8 382 HP with 7 Speed Automatic Transmission

AMG Sport and Premium Packages

1- In 2005 when the CLS was launched the styling captured The Colonel's imagination. was 10 years ago. There was a timeless / enduring cool factor about the styling.

2- Think of a 1949 Mercury coupe with a chopped top, the CLS has the look of a Benz with a chopped top. Agreed...there are positives and negatives, linger on the positives, and the cool factor.

4- Think of a "shoebox Chevy" ideally a 55-56 coupe, with a strong small block.

5- Think of a 1963 Chevrolet Biscayne coupe The Colonel's first car.

6- Complemented by an utter dislike of black interiors especially in a coupe with a chopped top.

Connecting several seemingly disconnected dots, the "metal" of a CLS resonates. At this juncture in time the metal MUST resonate.

Its a coupe, a 4 door, a chopped top, a fastback, V8, rear wheel drive, a serious cool factor, with a touch of sophisticated hot rod.

This version has the "lead sled" look compared to the newer model with the indented crease on the side, and the funny looking grille.

Yes...the Strada Crew is in agreement that the metal of this CLS resonates.

The rear good for about 60 minutes for adults...its a coupe with doors to access the rear seat.

The chopped bend your head a bit more getting in the front seat.

Is it the ideal family car...not really.

Is it a totally cool Benz with a V8 and rear wheel drive...ABSOLUTELY.

Cars that resonate have to sit just right, this CLS has the "stance" augmented by staggered wheels and tires.

Yes...we name cars this one is RON.

How did The Colonel find Ron? A bit of serendipity aided by a methodical search.

The age old question "Why go out and get a 7 year old car?" Its a Benz, it RESONATES, has the correct options and kilometers (61,952), superior waftability, age and model year are sort of irrelevant.