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The Summer Tires 

Its that time of year to install the summer tires on Ron.

Agreed...when you have high performance summer tires, its best to wait a little longer to make sure the possibility of a spring snow storm is eliminated. Good rule is to wait till the end of April in the GTA.

If you have your tires mounted on wheels, can do it yourself in your driveway. Make sure you have an hydraulic jack, stands, the proper tools, and a torque wrench.

If you have bigger than smaller wheels, Ron has 5 spoke 18 inch wheels for the summer tires.

Obvious that with that wheel set up the disc hubs, calipers are quite visible through the wheels.

This year The Colonel elected to freshen up the "behind the wheel" appearance while installing the summer tires . Yes...winter takes its toll on the various components behind the wheel.

Its not just remove the winter tires and wheels, and install the summer tires. Its remove the winter tires and wheels, refresh the disc hubs and caliper area, then install the summer tires and wheels. The process is longer while achieving a finished look.

If you have intentions of freshening up the "behind the wheel" appearance, pick a color that is similar to the stock factory color, and a matte (flat) finish.

The idea is to improve on the black brake dust look especially for the front wheels.

A quick update on the car

  • The car has travelled almost 6,000 kms in 7 months. spends most of its time parked.
  • The camshaft plugs have been the only issue so far.
  • Drives much smoother with the summer tires.
  • The appearance is improved with the staggered summer wheels and tires.
  • Started a spring detailing, as the climatic conditions warm up will continue.