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The Camshaft Plugs

Its a Benz, it would be naively optimistic to even remotely think that its all perfect. Its not in the Benz tradition and it would be boring not to have minor issues.

We have had Ron for a little over 3 months, and 3,000 does not get used that much, does not commute on a daily basis, spends a lot of time just parked.

Yes...its a cool car, with an absolute killer sound system, and a good level of power.

A couple of weeks after we got the car we notice oil spots under the car. Benzes have a blanket under the engine, the oil spots are on the LH side towards the back of the engine, and are progressively making a bit of a mess on the driveway.

As usual this stuff develops when there are other priorities, its motor oil, it leaks, not so much, its more annoying that anything else. Yes...we have no patience, and get irritated when a car is not correct.

Finally on a trip in the east end of the GTA, we stop to visit our friendly mechanic. the conversations goes as follows "There is an oil leak on the LH side behind the engine"...."Is it motor oil?"..."Seem like motor oil, its not transmission".

Propping the hood vertical and taking a look "Its the camshaft plugs a regular occurrence on these engines" Our friendly mechanic orders the plugs and a few days later we return to have the plugs replaced. Its very easy to replace the plugs, almost a do it yourself task.

Its even easier to have our friendly mechanic do the work, have a chat, a spend a few minutes in a shop.

Precisely 2 days later, the RH Xenon headlamp is not lighting. A quick look behind the headlamp reveals that its not so easy to replace a Xenon bulb. You can probably find aftermarket bulbs for less money. Its Friday with a busy pre Christmas week end on the horizon.

A visit to our friendly M-B dealer, for an original Xenon bulb at $163.80...agreed not inexpensive, and an immediate replacement of the bulb solved the problem. We were pleasantly surprised by the prompt and attentive service we received from the dealer.

Its a coupe with a chopped top, with parking sensors. Side visibility is challenging at times with the door window sills relatively high to the seating position and line of sight.