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Tire Pressure

When Ron was built TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) as we know it with the sensor in the tires, and you can see the actual pressure of the 4 tires in the dash did not exist yet, or was not offered in Canada.

Ron was washed and has not been driven in a couple of days notice the rust on the brake discs.

A few weeks prior the winter wheels / tires were installed on Ron, the tire pressure checked, it was all good.

Ron monitors tire pressure by counting the revolutions of the wheels, basically if one wheel is down on pressure it will turn faster than the other wheels.

Here is the deal...

Brutally early on a Monday morning, its cold, its snowing, its slippery. Its the first snow and everyone on the roads is either being cautious or bold.

Driving on a slushy 400 series highway at reduced speeds, staying in the tire tracks of the lane. Its "Get used to it these are winter conditions".

Out of nowhere the dash turns RED "Check Tire Pressure".

Obvious that when the dash turns red you want to pay attention as to why it turned red.

Its dark, its snowing, have a plane to catch...who has time for s*#t this morning.

Does not feel like its a flat, or a ton of air pressure is missing, and in how many tires? Better make it to the airport, who wants to stop on the side of the road. Yes...there is a pressure gauge in the door pocket.

Finally park the car at the airport, the tires look good, not the time to start checking pressures.

The classic case of technology intersecting with reality.

It looks like a rear tire is possibly down on pressure. Perhaps its a slow leak, perhaps its the cold, who knows.

Anyways no time to do anything about it right now. Lets hope there is air in all 4 tires in a few days when we return.

Then...its do I really need to find a tire almost down on the return?

To keep on going..."why is my flight not on the screen?"

Yes...the blues classic "Stormy Monday" comes to mind...the flight was cancelled but since it was brutally early got on the earlier flight.

On the return...there is air in all 4 tires, did not check the pressure, got in the car drove home, and yes the dash turns red again...yes a tire must be low. Yes...a rear tire was lower in pressure, get the compressor going and recheck the pressure in all the tires.

How to reset the pressure monitor...easy take out the owners manual and follow the steps.

Its cool that the car advises you that the pressure is low in a tire(s), but not knowing which tire, and by how much...not so cool



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