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2016 Prius V

2016 Toyota Prius V

1.8L 4 Cylinder + Electric Motor 136 HP with CVT Transmission

Absolutely Red with Black Soft Tex interior

The photo gallery / slide show of the Prius

We are always looking forward to spending a few days with an hybrid. Although hybrids seem to have taken a back seat, we remain enthusiastic towards hybrids, and were excited to spend some time with this Prius V.

At a time when all sorts of utilities and trucks are capturing everyone's imagination for a multitude of reasons. While everyone is talking about autonomous vehicles as if they are almost around the corner.

Here is a Prius V which is the same size and usefulness as a utility vehicle, and with an adaptive cruise control that provides a glimpse into autonomous vehicles.

Lets call the styling unique, and purposeful and we all have our own preferences. Agreed the street presence immediately communicates that its an hybrid. The Absolutely Red augments the street attraction. Its not a sedan, or a utility, its an aerodynamic station wagon.

The interior is positively immense for the size of the car...its huge. Well executed, with good materials and finishes for the price segment. The fact there are no instrument panel behind the steering wheel reinforces that this car is different...its an hybrid.

All the features you expect from a power driver seat, navigation, back up camera, satellite radio, heated seats to name a few are present. The front seats are comfortable even on an extended trip, while the roominess of the interior augments a sense of overall comfort. The sound system is good, and we agree that blind spot monitoring should be present.

The rear seat is adjustable which makes rear seat leg room a non issue even for oversized adults. Everyone was pleasantly surprised with the back there is a ton of room back here. Lets not forget the full size panoramic roof.

The cargo area is more than adequate, and folding down the rear seat augments the versatility of the Prius V.

You can configure your own Prius

How does it drive?

Its an hybrid and in normal or eco mode we agree that its a little sluggish especially on surface streets. In power mode its as good as the majority of 4 cylinders with a turbo. The coolest is the EV mode which is totally quiet, and a great way to drive in your neighborhood streets.

Its not a sport anything, its an hybrid everything. From our perspective the steering is good for an hybrid, the brakes are regenerative and good for an hybrid, the same for the suspension. It inspires confidence to drive under normal conditions.

The sound of the 4 cylinder coupled to the CVT belies the performance of the car. You always think that you its "slower" than it really is. Observing the app that shows the interaction between the 4 cylinder and electric motor provides additional insight into what is really going on.

The highway performance is simply remarkable, its quiet, with a surprising reserve of power, accompanied by no down shifts. With the adaptive cruise control its a totally cool and enlightening highway experience, as well as comfortable.

Should you consider an hybrid? Obvious its you decision...with the higher number of 4 cylinders with a turbocharger, a 4 cylinder with an electric motor is quite similar.

Strada Talking Points:

  • Its functional and versatile
  • Positively huge interior space for the size
  • Superior highway performance
  • Seamless "adaptive cruise control"
  • Its faster than you think

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2016 Toyota Tacoma

2016 Toyota Tacoma Doublecab TRD Sport

3.5L V6 278 HP with 6 Speed Automatic Transmission

Barcelona Red Metallic with Dark Grey Cloth

The photo gallery/slide show of the

To continue our urban truck experience we surely had to spend a few days with a refreshed Tacoma.

The first thing that grasps our attention, this truck has an endearing ruggedness about it which is simply cool. It instantly communicates that its a pick up. You open the door and the pick up message is reinforced and endures with the interior.

The street presence is subdued its a mid size pick up in an environment that is ruled by full size gargantuan pick ups. While the styling absolutely conveys an image of solidity.

It has a truck interior, its stylish, well executed, with good materials, but a truck interior. In this version the cloth seats are refreshing, its not trying to be anything else than a well idone truck interior in a truck. Again its cool...

All the features that you expect are there, from a comprehensive back up camera that actually shows the rear step bumper, to navigation, satellite radio, automatic climate control, partial power seats, a reasonable sound system, locking name a few.

Rear seat is spacious for a mid size pick up with good leg and head room, as well as the folding seat.

Let's not forget the GoPro mount on the windshield.

Its a Toyota pick up, its conservative, its in some ways a throw back to when pick ups were pick ups, its rugged, with a distinct identity. Yes...a 2 speed transfer case is standard.

You can configure your own

Wondering how it drives?

It feels absolutely, totally rock solid. You immediately get a feeling that nothing will discourage this pick.

Reasonable power, slower than faster algorithms to shift the transmission, precise steering, and strong brakes. It feels and drives like a purposeful pick up, its endearing especially if you are looking for the pick up feel that is often missing in some trucks.

Its great on surface streets, easy to navigate mall parking lots, while seeing the rear bumper on the back up camera is more intuitive that orange and red lines alerting you of the distance.Its a little sluggish on initial acceleration, but throttle up the V6 comes alive with an improved algorithm for the transmission.

Its a superb highway cruiser with acceptable passing power, and no wind noise even with an open bed.

If you are seeking a mid size pick up with a genuine pick up feel, a standard 2 speed transfer case, and rugged good looks. Make it a point to experience the Tacoma.

Strada Talking Points:

  • Conservative with pick up cool
  • Solid feel that is reassuring
  • Wonderful pick up feel and driving
  • Obvious you sit high
  • Plastic liner in bed not sprayed on.

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2014 Toyota Corolla - Its Efficient

2014 Toyota Corolla S

1.8L 4 Cylinder 132 HP with CVT Transmission

Barcelona Red Metallic with Black SoftTex Leather Interior

The photo gallery/slide show of the

Must be the TV advertising that prompted us to experience the new Corolla, and during our time with the car we also experienced an appreciable snow fall...its all good.

The styling of this newest version breathes life into the established conservative image of the Corolla. The car is different enough to set it apart, make it stand out, have a street presence that resonates. While still keeping the iconic Toyota styling cues that immediately communicate its identity.

The interior is impressive for a car in this segment and price range. It catches your attention with the detail stitching on the dash and door panels, the contrasting piping on the seats, and the SoftTex leather. In this tester the power seat is power adjustable too.

The seats are comfortable, with adequate shoulder room for the front passenger, while the rear seat is good for adults with acceptable leg and head room. 

The center of the dash touch screen is bigger than expected, the back up camera is a cool feature, the 6 speaker sound system is good, the heated front seats are an appreciated feature. Yes...automatic climate control...totally cool and surprising in this segment.

You can configure and price your own Corolla.

How does it drive? 

Agreed the engine coupled to the CVT in Eco mode is a little buzzy, although one gets quickly accustomed to the sound. At the same time the CVT is great and reassuring in heavy snow transmitting smooth power for maximum traction. The CVT in Sport mode is a revelation, emulating shifts, and tighter aggressive ratios...very cool.

This car is competent on surface streets, with a precise steering feel, and goos brakes, and surprisingly quiet at highway speeds. Obvious it facilitates navigating parking lots, aided by the back up camera and unemcumbered visibility. Its expected from a Toyota...this new Corolla does not dissapoint in being competent and reassuring,

Before we forget...the headlamps are phenomenal.

At a time when many are resorting to CUV's, this car is a genuine revelation in serious snow, with impeccable traction for a FWD car...yes the car had winter tires.

Our initial reservations towards the CVT were quickly subdued when we selected sport mode and the personality of the car immediately acquired several levels of aggressivity. The ratios in the CVT are altered, the transmission now behaves as of its actually shifting gears, with an appreciable elevation in the performance that 132 HP can deliver.

In a segment with many established competitors, Toyota has done their due diligence with the feature content of this car, and its starting price point of $ 19,215. its a lot of car for the money.


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2013 Toyota Avalon - Exceptional Value

2013 Toyota Avalon Limited 

3.5L V6 268 HP with 6 Speed Automatic Transmission w/Paddle Shift

Cypress Pearl with Almond Leather 

The photo gallery/slide show of the Avalon

The styling of the new Avalon appealed to us from the instant we saw the first photos. Yes the fast back sedan look captures our interest, while generating a compelling street presence. Compared to the previous Avalon this one exudes additional vigor and youthfulness. 

As usual Toyota is meticulous with their press vehicles ensuring that they have winter tires, which were very useful during the appreciable snowfall we experienced a few days after we picked up the car. We should mention that the Avalon is great in snow inspiring confidence negotiating streets and parking lots that were not well plowed due to the heavy snowfall. 

The interior is refreshing, and meticulously well finished with detail stitching on the dash that ads an additional touch of sophistication. All the features that you expect are present, from power seats, sunroof, heated and ventilated seats with lumbar, navigation. In addition our tester included the Premium package with a JBL sound system, rear seat climate control, heated rear seat, dynamic cruise control to name a few additional features. 

In typical Toyota philosophy the center dash display is conservative with a smaller than bigger touch screen. The rear seat leg room is generous. the rear climate control enhances the comfort of rear seat passengers; while the trunk is the size you would expect on a full size car. 

Sitting in the car, perusing the interior, the features, it quickly becomes apparent that its a lot of car for a starting price of $ 38,900. and obvious that being a Toyota the fit and finish is superlative, you would not expect anything less from Toyota.

You can configure your own Avalon.

How does it drive? 

We had an opportunity to experience the Avalon with a good amount of snow, the traction control, ABS, work well in snow conditions. We navigated streets and parking areas with appreciable snow, the Avalon was competent, inspired confidence, and never lost its composure to gain traction. We should mention that our speeds were in direct relation to the conditions.

Its a middle of the road competent full size sedan, with a good level of power from the V6, accompanied by a smooth shifting 6 speed transmission, acceptable steering feel and good brakes. Its not spectacular in any area, but does everything spectacularly well.

Be it travelling on surface streets, navigating parking lots, or on highways, its a reassuring car with an acceptable level of power for all situations. Its not a sport sedan, although if the car seems too sedate, selecting "sport mode" will immediately elevate the "vigor" of the car.

Why you should consider and experience the Avalon. You are focusing on a full size sedan for your needs, there are numerous choices offered by many manufacturers. Some have subdued styling, while other have the emerging fast back sedan look, either in a smaller or in many instance more expensive offerings. The Avalon is stylish, with a complement of features often found on more expensive sedans. 

Its a competent car, offering exceptional value...yes its a lot of car for the money!


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2012 Toyota Camry

2012 Toyota Camry LE

2.5L 4 cylinder 178 HP with 6 speed Automatic Transmission

Magnetic Grey Metallic with Ash cloth interior

The photo gallery/slide show of the Camry

2012 toyota camry leWe were anxious to experience the new Camry, especially the base version. At times it all comes together, we get the same color of the LE version similar to the Camry we reviewed almost 3 year ago here

For some reason the frugalista version of the Camry is endearing, there is an appeal about this car, as we said three years ago its still an honest car, with no false pretenses which is refreshing. 

The styling is crisper, with a bolder front grille/bumper treatment that enhances the appearance and street presence of the car. The interior styling is also fresh, the stitching on the dash is a wonderful addition. 

Toyota's challenge is how to improve on a winner and benchmark mid size sedan, in this respect they have followed the direction of very carefully, and in a considered fashion.

Although all vehicles have a collection of air bags, rear seat side air bags on a car with an MSRP of $23,700. really grasps our attention, while sending a compelling message that Toyota is very serious about safety.

The interior is refreshed, with comfortable seats, a 6.1 inch screen in the center of the dash, which again is a surprise at this price range. While the various plastics have a pleasing tactile feel. Rear seat leg room is improved to better accomodate adults.

All the features, and

A Camry is not a spectacular car with an obvious Wow factor, but it does everything that a middle of the road mid size sedan should do very well, and you would not expect anything less from Toyota. 

The steering feel is good, the brakes are progressive in stopping the car, on broken pavement the car is solid, the highway performance is what you would expect. This car is well balanced in all aspects of its performance criterias, no surprises, no dissapointments. 

The fuel economy rating is 5.6L Highway and 8.2L City per 100 kilometers.

If you are considering a mid size sedan, agreed the choice is immense, the competition among manufacturers is robust. Make it a point to experience the new Camry, from our perspective it is still a benchmark car for this segment. It does everything that you expect a mid size sedan to do, in a competent, seamless fashion, that is surprising.

The quick review.

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2010 Lexus HS250h - The Harmonious Sedan

2010 Lexus HS250h

Granite with Water Grey/Black leather

Gasoline: 2.4L Atkinson cycle......147 HP........138 lb/ft with CVT transmission

Electric: ......................................40 HP........199 lb/ft of Torque

Total:........................................187 HP........337 lb/ft of Torque

The comprehensive photo gallery/ slide show.

The offer presented itself to drive the HS250h, being partial to hybrids we jumped on the opportunity! Why do we like hybrids? Its a shift away from using fossil fuel as the primary/only source of energy; the initial torque of an electric motor is cool. It was a ggod experience to see how hybrids behave in cold (-15C) weather.

The HS250h is the first dedicated hybrid from Lexus, there are no other versions of the HS250h;HS is the acronym for Harmonious Sedan, a sedan that is in harmony with the environment.

The exterior styling is appealing, it has a certain look which captures attention, our tester is the Sport version with 18 inch wheels, rear spoiler, tuned suspension, black wood trim. Keep in mind that its a sport version of an hybrid, not a sport sedan. 

The interior is appealing with 2 tone leather, well finished, with good fit and finish. The central pod is a novel feature, the RND shifter is interesting, the push button Park is different. The wide expanse of the dash, accompanied by the fixed 1/4 windows have a mini van look. The sound system which includes the satellite radio, CD player, USB, Bluetooth, steering controls is good. 

The illuminated blue Lexus sill plates for the front doors are very cool, in addition to all the features that you would expect in an entry level luxury car. From the glass sunroof, power memory seats, dual zone climate control, automatic day night mirror, keyless entry/start to name a few.

As you know hybrids do not start, they simply "turn on" with the HS250h on you realise that Lexus has done its due diligence to develop what they consider an harmonious sedan. You turn on the car, and a few moments later in cold weather the engine starts, and once all the systems are at operating temperatures the "hybrid" aspect of the car functions very well. 

The default mode is ECO (economy) you could call it the relaxed mode of driving, and quite economical. The hybrid function is seamless. The POWER mode alters the personality of the car, with an aggressive edge, the initial torque (the fun part of an hybrid) increases appreciably. The electric motor being more prominent, the operation is not as seamless (the transitions from ICE/electric are obvious).

Depress the EV button, and if the car feels that it can operate in EV mode it will continue, or advise you that it will not go in EV mode. In EV mode if you gently accelerate, and stay below 30 kph the car remains in EV mode. The frustrating part, if you accelerate a little harder, or go beyond 30 kph it immediately gets out of EV mode. 

ECO is the default mode, PWR provides an aggressive edge, EV is fully electric and you can see how long the battery lasts. By pushing a button you alter the performance, and behavior of the car...very cool.

How does the car drive?

Its an hybrid, with middle of the road driving dynamics, good on centre feel from the electric power steering, the brakes (discs) are good, accompanied with regenerative braking which is fairly aggressive at low speeds. As expected on broken pavement, it does not lose its composure, feels very solid.

There is an interesting "sweet spot" cruising at highway speeds, although the usual hybrid transitions are more pronounced on the highway than on surface street driving. 

Its a Lexus, does it feel like a luxury car?

You get the feeling that Lexus focused on developing an harmonious/hybrid sedan, than a luxury sedan.

All the safety features that you expect are present, from air bags, including knee airbags, ABS brakes, stability control.

You can configure an HS250h to your personal requirements.

The economy rating is 5.9 L highway and 5.6 L city per 100 kms.

From Twitter a question from @lars2885

Do you feel a short hesitation when pulling away from a red light?

In ECO mode the acceleration is relaxed, not an hesitation as just relaxed. Same when doing a left turn at an intersection, preferable to leave additional time with incoming traffic. 

Does the regenerative braking noticeably reduce the need for conventional braking?

The HS250h goes into "regen mode" the instant you remove your foot from the accelerator. Even at highway speeds, it goes into regen mode. While braking as the speed decreases, the regenerative force increases. With the HS250h the sound gets increasingly louder under braking as the speed diminishes. You get the feeling that brakes pads will last longer in surface street usage. Fair to say the its a very cool regenerative braking mode/system.


Should you get a Lexus HS250h? If this statement resonates with you, get one!

The all-new 2010 HS 250h hybrid sedan advances luxury toward a more sustainable future. As the world's first hybrid-only luxury vehicle, the groundbreaking HS 250h combines all the expected Lexus style and refinement with advanced hybrid performance, fuel efficiency and the use of plant-based interior materials.




2009 Venza AWD - The Family Car

2009 Toyota Venza AWD

Blizzard Pearl with Grey Leather

2.7L 4 cylinder 182 HP with 6 Speed Automatic Transmission 

The photo gallery/slide show of the Venza

The Venza grasps your attention, its different, its innovative, with appealing styling. It has a "look" which generates a second take from people. Yes...its been catching our attention from our early sightings on the street. 

Is a Venza a tall sedan, or some sort of cross over? Its not a mini van, and its not an SUV or CUV, its a Venza. Its been capturing the imagination, and pocket book of many Canadians from its debut. It has a street presence, and cool factor that is distinctive, and unique. 

One thing Canadians quickly grasp is a strong value proposition. The 2010 Venza AWD (our tester is a 2009) with a base MSRP of $30,610. is exceptional value. 

The interior is phenomenal, Toyota is innovative with the interior of the Venza, the wrinkle finish of the plastic surfaces is creative, the contrasting piping ads richness. The matte wood finish on the console and door panels is different touch. The quality, fit and finish is what you expect from Toyota. The surprise is that with a base price of $30,610 you instinctively expect a lesser interior. 

The technology interface, be it sound system, satellite radio, CD Changer, MP3 connection, is straightforward. 

By now the value message is increasing in strength, it looks good, the interior is awesome for the price,  its very roomy, and its AWD. Not surprising that an increasing number of Canadians are driving a Venza.

Do we have to tell you that all the safety features that you expect are present from front, side and curtain air bags, ABS, Traction Control (TRAC), Stability Control (VSC), even with Hill Start Assist Control (HAC).

How does it drive? 

Its a Toyota with the typical, perhaps trademark characteristic of "middle of the road", in addition to being a reasonably large family car. Its not a sport sedan, its does not communicate or give any indications that its a sport sedan. Its a pleasant, roomy middle of the road AWD family car.

Our tester is the 4 cylinder version, needless to tell you that we had reservations about the size, the height (wind resistance) and a 4 cylinder. Large displacement (for a 4 cylinder) 4 cylinders with a 6 speed automatic transmission work very well to provide adequate performance for a family oriented roomy vehicle. 

The electric power steering is a touch too light to our liking, the brakes are very good for this type of vehicle, it handles well for its intended usage. The structure is very solid, no squeaks or rattles, it does not lose its composure on rough or broken pavement. 

The rear seat folds flat even with the floor of the cargo area, we loved the power tailgate, the panorama roof brightens the interior.

The fuel economy rating is 7.1L highway and 10.2L city per 100 Km considering the size of the Venza we feel that its very good economy ratings that are easily achievable.  

In case you did not know, from J.D. Power Canadian website analysis, Toyota has one of the best website its easy to use, its intuitive, all the information is "right there". Take a moment to visit the Venza site, obvious that you can configure a Venza as per your requirements.

The lease rate this month for the 2010 model is 4.9% for 36 months with a reasonable 49% residual, the finance rate for 48 months is 4.9%.

Why would you choose a Venza? You don't really want a sedan, you want a vehicle with more versatility, and at the same time you surely don't want an SUV or CUV. You would be the prime candidate for a Venza. 

If you are looking for a vehicle that is innovative, with distinctive styling, an awesome interior for the price point, exceptional value, do take the time to experience the Venza.

Its a very cool family car! 



2009 Toyota RAV 4 - Maximum Utility

2009 Toyota RAV 4 Limited 4WD

Classic Silver with Ash Leather interior

3.5L V6 269HP with 5 Speed Automatic Transmission and Active Torque 4WD

The comprehensive photo gallery

Compact sport utilities are very popular in Canada, it’s a competitive market segment with several strong offerings. This tends to make it a little more interesting when reviewing a vehicle in the segment, especially one that is considered a benchmark by its competitors.

If initial impressions are an indication, the instant we saw this RAV 4 we concluded that it’s a cool CUV with a good content of interesting features, and a strong measure of practicality and utility. In addition to being assembled in Ontario.

Yes… there is a WOW factor that is appealing and the more you drive and use it....increasingly the WOW becomes enduring.

Its just another CUV in a crowded market segment, true enough, but this one is like a Swiss army knife it has all the features and utilities that you could ask or wish. Exceptional sound from the JBL system, you want to fold down the rear seat backs from the rear easy the lever is right there no need to go anywhere else. Need additional rear seat leg room, easy just move the rear seat to your leg room requirements. Want to back up, presto the back up camera in the rearview mirrio to assist.

Some remark about the outside mounted spare tire that is gives the truck a dated look, perhaps it does, the resulting low cargo loading height makes it very easy to handle any kind of cargo.

You get the feeling that “somebody” was thinking and listening when it came time to design and include features in this truck, its all there, its easy, its user friendly. The smart key greatly facilitates opening the rear panel door when your hands are full. The technology interface is superb with CD, Satellite, Bluetooth, MP3, and steering controls. The dual zone automatic climate control, the heated seats, the power driver seat.

The RAV 4 makes it easy, intuitive, convenient.

In addition the usual safety features that you demand are all present from the 6 air bags, ABS brakes, traction control, electronic stability.

How does it drive?

The V6 makes this RAV 4 surprisingly fast, instinctively you expect a slower vehicle, this one is spirited. The automatic transmission is seamless and acts instantly to any input on what it needs to do. The brakes are good with a confidence inspiring feel, the steering is a little light but with good on centre feel.

How does it ride?

Refined, solid, unusually smooth for a CUV.

How about the interior?

Well appointed, good materials (leather seating surface in this tester) good attention to fit, finish, and detail. Would you expect less from Toyota?

Our tester the Limited V6 4WD is close to being as well equipped as possible with a base price of $34,386. keep in mind that the starting price for a 2WD version is only $24,295.

Fuel economy rating is 11.1 L for city and 7.7 L / 100 Km highway. 

The specifications and the features of the RAV 4.

The warranty is 36 months/60,000 kms and 60 months/100,000 kms on the powertrain.

In case you did not know Toyota has one of the better if not the best customer oriented site, you can easily configure the RAV 4 to your requirements and budget.

The rate for a 36 month lease is 3.9% with a 51% residual, a 48 month finance is also 3.9% both realistic rates.

As usual we involve the Twitter community in our reviews, the comments on the RAV 4.

If your personal lifestyle requires a CUV, make it a point to experience the utility, functionality, convenience, of the RAV 4....yes there are a lot of CUV's offered by a myriad of manufacturers...few will WOW you like the RAV 4 if you truly appreciate utility and fonctionality.



2010 Camry - An Honest Car

2010 Toyota Camry LE

Magnetic Grey Metallic with Ash Fabric Interior

2.5L VVT-i 4 Cyl. 169 HP - 6 Speed Automatic with Sequential Shift Mode.

Take a moment to review the Photo Gallery

2010 Camry LEThe opportunity arose to spend a few days with a Camry with the new for 2010 2.5L 4 cylinder, and 6 speed automatic. We not only jumped, we were excited.

What is exciting about a 4 cylinder Camry? In light of the fuel economy regulations that were legislated, and adopted for 2016 this car provides a glimpse into the future. 

The Camry is a benchmark car in the highly competitive mid size sedan segment, Canadian sales of the Camry for the past several years reinforce that it is a successful benchmark car in its price segment. In this segment the competitive landscape among manufacturers with a constantly evolving value propositions is a benefit to the customer. 

It’s a Toyota you instinctively expect superlative fit, and finish accompanied by attention to all the details, reinforced by elegant simplicity. The car upholds that Toyota knows how to “put a car together” in an elegant fashion.

The interior is roomy, the Ash fabric of our test car is pleasant, everything fits well, with comprehensive gauges in the dash, accompanied by easy to operate controls actually designed for human hands. Some switch gear might seem conservative, while conveying the message that its simple, and reliable. Keeping in mind that the LE is the “frugalista” version of the Camry.

The trunk is well finished, and a good size, with fold down rear seat backs to increase the ability to carry larger items if the need arises.

Being a front wheel drive the engine is transverse mounted, with the usual plastic covers, and easy accessible to replenish the windshield washer fluid or check the oil, if you enjoy using a dip stick.

The car has the full complement of safety features from front, side, curtain airbags, including a knee bag for the driver, as well as ABS brakes,TRAC (advance traction control), and VSC (stability control).

If you are considering a mid size sedan in this segment, you have quickly realized that its not only competitive, most vehicles offer the same specifications with varying nuances to create a distinction.

What is it about this car that caught our attention? Its an “honest” car it does not pretend to be something that its not, and the 4 cylinder with 6 speed automatic is a future oriented power train that is being adopted by more manufacturers. If a 4 cylinder gives you pause, be assured that its an excellent combination for economy, and efficiency with good mid range performance. Its rated at 6.1L per 100 kms on the highway. 

It’s a solid car that impresses when driven over rougher or broken roads, it never loses its composure. Similar to some Teutonic cars that are thousands more, or even multiples of the price. It takes a serious car to keep its composure over rough pavement.

What is remarkable, its an “honest and transparent middle of the road, mid size sedan with discreet street presence”. Its easy to say that it might be a boring car, the primary mission in life of a mid size sedan is to be an excellent all purpose car. This Camry LE is so honest that it does not encourage you to be spirited or aggressive, or mislead you in believing that it can deal with spirited driving, or that its anything else than a middle of the road car. While constantly communicating “throw anything middle of the road at me and I’ll deal with it each time, and every time, for a long time”.

The car has a strong mid size sedan "sweet spot".

Why is it a glimpse into the future? We believe that in a few years more sedans will be similar to this Camry LE to meet economy, efficiency regulations, and still maintain a reasonable price. Perhaps Toyota has a head start!

This Camry LE starts at $24,650. our tester had the Convenience Package at $470 for a total of $25,120. There are no massive discounts, or huge incentives, its a fair good value price. Perhaps in an environemt of massive discounts, and deals, a fair good value price is an awesome deal.

Toyota was second in the Canadian Manufacturer Web Site Evaluation Study by JD Power with 833 points, literally one point behind the winner. The site it not only informative, Toyota makes a diligent effort to “inform and empower” a visitor, and offer to do business with a high degree of transparency.

What can we say, its a beautiful thing to visit, and use the Toyota site. Spend some time on the site, it empowers!

The specifications of the Camry.

The warranty is 36/60,000 on the car and 60/100,000 on the powertrain.

You can build/configure, get a price for your trade, and calculate a lease or finance payment for a Camry from the comfort of your home or office....Try it out.

Toyota is prepared to put “skin in the game” and lease a Camry with a realistic residual (50% of MSRP for a 36 month lease) at a realistic rate (3.9% for 36 months).

Are you considering a mid size sedan? Visit the Toyota site, then a dealer to experience the Camry and see if it fits your needs, and requirements. The new 2.5L 4 cylinder with the 6 speed automatic will impress impressed us.