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2015 Ford F150

2015 Ford F150 Platinum with FX4

3.5L Ecoboost V6 365 HP with 6 Speed Automatic Transmission

Ruby Red Metallic with Black Leather

The photo gallery/slide show of the

You probably anticipated that at some point we were going to spend a few days with an "aluminum" F150. This tester is the Platinum version with the FX4 off road package. 

For 2015 Platinum is as good as it gets, its the top of the line version of the F150, yes this truck has an impressive array of features.

From our perspective an aluminum pick up is an innovative decision by Ford, especially when the aluminum comes from recycling. There is a cool factor about the aluminum, which feels different to the touch, when you close a door, or close the tailgate. Lets say that it has a muffled sound of increased solidity compared to steel.

Its also lighter which is the real benefit of the aluminum body, in addition to not corroding.

The street presence is totally in your face, how can anyone miss a metallic red pick up with an immense Ford blue oval in the grille, you know that its a pick up (obvious), and its a Ford. The grille with augmented by the chromed bumper below enhances the presences of this truck.

All pick ups are big, this F150 seems incrementally bigger.

The interior is immense, and well finished with leather seating surfaces. The features are impressive, from a panorama roof, 360 degree camera, robust Sony sound system, navigation, adaptive cruise control, satellite radio, heated and ventilated seats, remote tailgate name just a few.

The features are comparable to and in some instances beyond any luxury vehicle.

You can configure your own

Pick ups are big, bold, and usually perceived as a vehicle primarily for men. Lets be aware that pick up sales in Canada are inexorably increasing on a yearly basis.

We had the unique opportunity to see how an "immense, red, pick up, with retractable running boards, a myriad of cameras will fare in a feminine environment".

A mid size car is diminutive next to this F150, the running boards immediately make access easier than a car, the various cameras facilitate parking and negotiating tight spots. We know that women appreciate the higher seating position of SUV's, they simply love the height of a pick up.

The initial reservations of the physical size, are quickly dispelled, while becoming a cool factor. Obvious the interior space of the cab is an added feminine feature in a family environment. From the feedback we received, fair to say that women love pick ups...once the initial size reservation is overcome.

How does it drive...

The Ecoboost has a good reserve of power, the 6 speed automatic is well calibrated with responsive shifts, the steering has an accurate feel, the brakes are strong. Its feels like a block of aluminum with no squeeks, rattles on any surface, just plain solid.

Although the ride unloaded is quite stiff, and would feel better with some load in the bed to smooth out the suspension. This FX4 version has aggressive tires it was a surprise as to how quiet they were on the highway.

The cool factor of this truck is HUGE, the features are extensive. If you are considering a pick up, you need to experience an aluminum F150 prior to finalising your decision.

Strada Talking Points

  • Solid/substantial feel of aluminum
  • Strong Ecoboost V6
  • Extensive array of features
  • Easy to drive
  • Compelling feminine appeal

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2014 Ford Fiesta ST

2014 Ford Fiesta ST

1.6L 4 cylinder 197 HP Ecoboost with 6 Speed Manual Transmission

Molten Orange with Charcoal / Orange Interior

The photo gallery/slide show of the Fiesta...Click

This Fiesta ST is small with a strong fun factor to make it an interesting car. In addition to having all the styling cues that augment its street presence, while setting it apart. 

The Fiesta captured our attention a few years ago, and we still think its a cool car. 

The ST version raises the coolness, and exhuberance factor to another level.

The street presence of our tester n Molten Orange is bold, forceful, unique, augmented by an authoritative exhaust sound from the dual pipes.  The ST styling accents from the black grille to the rear spoiler are subtle, distinctive, youthful. Instantly conveying the message there is something special about this car.

The Recaro seats reinforce the uniqueness of this car, they are bold, comfortable, while holding you securely in place. While raising the cool factor to the next level, and capturing the attention of the entire Strada Crew. The interior is appealing, while the materials are in line with the price segment of the car. 

The controls are intuitive, the center screen is easy to navigate, yes...automatic climate control in a small car. The sound system is good too, the rear seat is acceptable for adults considering the size of the car. The rear hatch and fold down rear seat enhance the versatility when having to carry oversize items.

You can configure your

How does it drive?

The folks at Ford sweated details that make it a pocket performance car. The car immediately communictes a sense that its purpose is to generate a hogher fun factor. Its has a good level of power considering the size of the engine. The transmission is a joy to shift up or down, the electric power steering is direct and precise, the brakes are strong.

Torque steer is almost non existant with the included Torque Vectoring Control.

Yes this car is small, nimble, and encourages exhuberant driving. The sport tuned suspension, which makes the ride a little hard is a joy in situations where you want to get a little aggressive.

This version of the Fiesta inspires a high level of confidence and competence, be it in cornering situations, highway cruising, and navigating surface streets. Its always ready to perform.

There are many choices of small performance cars, and if you are considering one, the Fiesta ST will impress you by the attention Ford applied to the details that make it a well designed and thought. Make it a point to experience the Fiesta ST for will be impressed.

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2013 Ford Fusion - Smooth and Handsome

2013 Ford Fusion SE Hybrid

2.0L Atkinson Cycle 4 cylinder 141 HP with CVT Transmission

Electric Motor rated at 118 HP with the Hybrid system rated at 188 HP

Ruby Red Tri Coat with Charcoal Black Cloth interior

The photo gallery / slide show of the 2013 Fusion.

We were anxious to spend a few days, and experience the new Fusion, yes we think its an appealing car, with styling that generates a strong street presence. 

The fact that its an hybrid is an added benefit, by now you know that we enjoy cars with electric motors. There is an undeniable cool factor in turning the key and simply having a green indicator telling you that the car is "ready".

Before we forget the Hybrid SE version starts at $29,999. which is exceptional value for a mid size hybrid sedan. 

While the styling, the 4 door fastback look grasps your initial attention, the spaciousness of the interior truly focuses your attention that its not only a good looking, but also a spacious, useful sedan.

The interior is well finished, in this version the cloth with the contrasting red stitching is appealing, complemented by navigation, satellite radio, a back up camera supported by rear parking sensors which are very useful. The power seats, automatic climate control are additional appreciated features. While rear seat leg room is for adults. We did notice a fair amount of black plastic under the center of the dash screen.

You expect a smaller trunk in an hybrid with space being used by the battery pack, which is the case with this car, the surprise is the folding seat backs which greatly enhance the versatility of the trunk.

How does it drive?

We had an opportunity to go for a road trip, while experiencing the Fusion on the highway for a few hours, its a wonderful highway cruiser, with an adequate level of power. The cruise control is enabled by technology which instead of accelerating the gasoline engine enlist the assistance of the electric motor when a slight increase in power is required.

On surface streets its the typical Ford hybrid system with a judicious blend of ICE / EV clearly visible on the dash, as well as the trademark leaves that grow with increased hybrid activity. A new feature is the scoring of the regenarative braking, which will score your brakes efficiency.

The steering feel is just right for a mid size sedan, the road holding inspires confidence, the regenerative brakes are aggressive until one get used to achieving a high regen score.  

Lets not forget that you can cover reasonable distances on just the electric motor, at lower speeds.

We agree that the mid size sedan segment is hyper competitive with formidable competitors. We are confident that the Fusion will not only hold its own, but certainly elbow some entrenched players in the segment.

If you are considering a mid size sedan, and perhaps the Fusion did not make your list, make it a point to experience the Fusion, the fastback styling is appealing, its surprisingly spacious, with exceptional performance within the parameters of the segment. 

The quick review. 


2012 Ford Edge

2012 Ford Edge Limited FWD

2.0 L Ecoboost 4 cylinder 240 HP with 6 Speed Automatic Transmission

Ruby Red Metallic with Ebony Leather

The photo gallery/slide show of the Edge.

2012 Ford EdgeIts uncanny, this CUV feels good to most folks that experience the Edge. We could probably deduce a myriad of reason, but it just feels good in about 5 seconds to most folks. 

Ever wonder why you see quite a few Edges on the road? Must be the instant feel good thing.

The styling is original compared to most CUV's while being middle of the road pleasing. This tester is the Limited version, with the bold grille, chromed 20 inch wheels, and the rear deflector that ads character to the styling. 

The interior is well finished for the price segment, the contrasting stitching on the seats is a distinctive touch. All the amenities that you expect, from power seats, satellite radio accompanied by a Sony 12 speaker sound system, back up camera/sensors, navigation, are all present, including an impressive sun roof/panorama top combination. In addition to all the safety features from air bags, to electronic stability.

The rear seat is comfortable and accomodating for adults, the power folding feature is a welcomed addition when attempting to fold the seat back from the cargo area. Need additional cargo space while loading? Just depress the power seat back switch, obvious that the power tailgate opened by itself too. Cool stuff!

This tester is the front wheel drive Limited version, with the 2.0 L EcoBoost 4 cylinder, which makes us wonder how popular this combination is in Canada not being all wheel drive. 

Since we are EcoBoost fans having the opportunity to experience the 4 cylinder version is great...this engine is tuned for fuel economy, more than performance, which is a good thing at this juncture of high and rising gasoline prices. 

How does it drive?

We had an opportunity to enjoy the Edge on surface streets, and highways. The back up camera and cross traffic sensor is very useful when navigating parking lots in malls. On the highway its a wonderful cruiser, with reasonable passing power. The seats are comfortable for extended trips, the satellite radio through the Bose sound system is enjoyable, the steering feel is on center, the brakes are good.

Its a feel good family oriented vehicle, with excellent middle of the road performance.

If a CUV is on your vehicle wish list, the Edge has distinctive styling, with a roomy and well finished interior for the price segment. Its versatile with a convenient cargo area, and good performance. Make it a point to experience the Edge, and the feel good feeling.


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2011 Lincoln MKX - Its Refined

2011 Lincoln MKX AWD

3.7L V6 305 HP with 6 Speed Automatic Transmission

Ingot Silver Metallic with Charcoal Leather

The photo gallery/slide show of the MKX

We were anxious to experience, and spend some time with the best selling Lincoln in Canada, which is also from Oakville. Yes the best selling Lincoln (4,458 in 2010) is assembled in Canada. In 2010 the luxury utility segment was and remains popular, with competition from several manufacturers with established models. Its a noteworthy achievement for Lincoln to do well in the segment.

The MKX has appealing styling, the trademark split waterfall grille is distinctive. The street presence is evocative communicating that its a right sized utility vehicle responsive to current conservation realities.

The interior is well finished, with a good choice of materials, elegant stitching, and attention to detail. The Vista roof is huge, brightens the entire seating area,  and is a cool feature. As you would expect all the luxury requirements are present, from an impressive THX entertainment system, power, heated, ventilated seats, even a heated steering wheel, navigation, adaptive cruise control, power folding rear seats, power tailgate to name a few.

Although it is a question of personal preference, the My Lincoln Touch screen (20 cm center screen) from our perspective is very cool, once you are familiar (after a few minutes) and adjust that most controls are touch sensitive (no need to depress a button). Its not as complicated or overwhelming as it first looks, its actually intuitive. One quickly understands why Ford is an active participant at CES (Computer Electronic Show). The center screen is complemented by the various menus and displays of the instrument panel (10 cm screens) controlled from the steering wheel. 

Yes...its at the point where you can adjust the various controls, and features to your personal preferences, including voice commands. It might just feel like the console in an aircraft...

The mood lighting and illuminated front sill plates are another distinctive touch.

All the specifications, and configurator

How does it drive? 

Lincolns have a solid feel, and again this MKX does not disappoint...its solid, its smooth, it inspires confidence, while keeping its composure in all driving conditions. We found the brakes more responsive with less pedal travel (a good thing) then other Lincolns we have experienced, while the steering feel is good for a utility vehicle.

The new 3.7L V6 with 305 HP is a pleasant surprise providing spirited performance for a utility vehicle across the entire revolution range, and the 6 speed automatic is well calibrated to the engine with seamless shifts. If for any reason you require a surge in power, its always available. 

The fuel economy rating is 8.8 L Highway and 12.2 L City per 100 kms.

If you are considering a luxury mid size cross over/utility vehicle that will accommodate the requirements of your lifestyle. Yes...there are numerous choices from several manufacturers, it can easily get overwhelming. If you are seeking a distinctive appearance, and have a pre disposition towards leading edge technology, and totally cool controls. 

Make it a point to experience the MKX, its refined, it will provoke you thought process in making an informed choice and decision.

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2010 Lincoln MKS - A Cruiser

2010 Lincoln MKS Ecoboost AWD

3.5L Twin Turbo Ecoboost V6 with 6 Speed Automatic Transmission

White Platinum with Charcoal Leather

The photo gallery/slide show of the MKS.

Like us you have no doubt increasingly been exposed to the realignment of Lincoln in the luxury segment. Like you we were anxious to experience a Lincoln sedan, ideally with Ecoboost. Do we have to tell you that when the opportunity to have an MKS arose, we jumped!

We agree, the MK designation can become confusing, its the last letter that is the actual designator of the car, in this case S, its almost a full size sedan, with an Ecoboost V6 (355 HP), and AWD.

Finished in White Platinum the car makes a compelling statement, with good street presence, although styling is a personal choice, it is an appealing car. The high belt line (smaller glass area) give the car a distinctive, aggressive look.

This tester with a full complement of technology packages has an MSRP of $65,909. from the Ecoboost, panorama roof, 20 inch wheels, active park assist, adaptive cruise control, back up camera, to name a few. The car is bristling with technology, and features!

The interior is well finished, with supple leather, and meticulous detail stitching even on the dash, the seats are heated and ventilated, quite comfortable although the seat cushion could be a little longer. The THX surround sound system with 14 speakers is phenomenal, obvious the car has satellite radio, and navigation. The Bluetooth part of the Sync system, works from the rear seat, yes..a rear seat passenger can play the music stored on their iPhone through the sound system. 

We tested the "active park assist" its cool to see a car steer and park by itself...we did set the stage with 2 parked vehicles and a space to see how the system would perform. With familiarity of the system parallel parking is a breeze.

Any vehicle with a high belt line visibility can be challenging, its the case with the MKS. Although with the parking sensors, and back up camera what initially seems like a daunting task, becomes easy. Its a big car, maneuvering in tight circumstances is immensely facilitated by technology.

The fuel economy rating is 8.0 L Highway and 12.4 L City per 100 kilometers.

You can configure the MKS to your personal

This car is an impressive, and enjoyable highway cruiser, it wants to keep on going and going, and you have no desire to stop. The electric power steering has a good feel for a luxury oriented sedan, the brakes are good. The car is rock solid even on broken pavement, and inspires spirited driving on roads with curves, and on/off ramps. Its an AWD car that behaves like a RWD car.

This MKS has exceptional highway driving dynamics!

In case you did not know, we are Ecoboost fans, needless that tell you that any Ford vehicle with Ecoboost has a superior level of power, and performance. This MKS does not disappoint, especially the 350 lb.ft. of torque. Although in the Taurus SHO the motor rated at 365 HP, one would expect the Lincoln to be rated higher not lower at 355 HP. 

The car has a distinctive presence, with a full complement of features, with good performance, and exceptional highway dynamics, all attributes which are becoming Lincoln brand features and characteristics. 

Its encouraging to see Lincoln gaining ground and re emerge as a luxury brand. 

The quick review... 




2011 Ford Fiesta - Its Easy

2011 Ford Fiesta SE Sedan

1.6L 4 cylinder  120 HP with 5 Speed Manual Transmission

Blue Flame Metallic with Charcoal / Blue Cloth

The photo gallery/slide show of the Fiesta.

We encountered the Fiesta several months ago at the Detroit Auto Show, the styling caught our attention, as well as the overall positive buzz surrounding the car. The buzz increased over the summer, with the various Social Media activities around the Fiesta. 

When folks walk up to you in a mall parking to inquire about the car, is it confirmation that the car generates interest?

The buzz raises the level of expectation, yes...we expected a good car, yes...we were not disappointed.

Our tester is the frugalista version with an MSRP of $16,579. keep in mind that frugalista for a 2011 model, was well equipped a few years ago. Manual HVAC, power windows, heated seats, satellite radio, air bags including one for the driver's knees, ABS, Electronic Stability, and more.

The styling is appealing, innovative, and youthful, it makes a statement, it communicates a strong a personality for a small car.

The interior is well finished for the price segment, the controls are easy and intuitive, the front seats have a multitude of manual adjustments, with good comfort. The rear seat the back folds down, plus having good leg room for the size of the car. The materials are very good, and do expect some plastic at this price...its there...its appealing. 

The 4 speaker sound system which includes satellite radio is acceptable, the mood lighting by now is a standard Ford feature. The convex portion of the exterior rear view mirrors is cool.

The trunk is big, and with the fold down seat backs is even bigger, increasing the versatility of the car.

Its an appealing small car with a strong European flair.

The fuel economy rating is 4.9L Highway and 6.8L City per 100 km. these are class leading ratings.

You can configure a Fiesta to your personal requirements here.

By now you are certainly wondering how it drives.

We were as anxious as you! This car is surprisingly easy to drive, and does not behave like a small car. Its a WoW moment to drive, its easy, its intuitive. The clutch operation is good (some manual cars have a counter intuitive clutch), the gears almost fall in place, the engine has adequate power, with reasonable torque, good steering feel from the electric power steering, good brakes.

Its not a sport sedan, although its still precise in on/off ramp situations. While maintaining its composure, and feeling very solid on broken surfaces (our usual rough pavement stretch).

It does not disappoint, doing what its supposed to do, getting you where you want to go very well. Its cool when a car WoW's by being a car, doing it very well, in a small frugalista package.

If you are considering a small car, if you are seeking a commuter car that is fuel efficient, if you want distinctive youthful styling, if you appreciate the personality of the classic 4 cylinder engine with better performance in the upper revolution range. 

Make it a point to experience the Fiesta.

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2011 Mustang 5.0 GT - Powered by Ford

2011 Ford Mustang 5.0 GT Coupe

5.0 L DOHC V8 412 HP with 6 Speed Manual Transmission

Stirling Gray Metallic with Charcoal Leather / Grabber Blue Stripe

The photo gallery / slide show of the Mustang.

Our exposure to Mustangs goes back to 1965 (for some of us), needless to tell you that we were looking forward to spending a few days with this tester. Pony Cars tend to raise the emotional level of the editorial staff, loyalties are tested, comparisons are generates fascinating conversations.

The Mustang is smaller than its competitors, its the one that is closest in size to the original, obvious that it looks "right sized" and not as a body dropped on a platform and made to fit. In gray with dark stainless wheels the car has a subdued "gray look" street presence. It sits right too, pony cars like a 32 Deuce must have the proper stance, this Mustang has the stance (slight front rake).

The dashboard is a nice touch of nostalgia, while the interior is good for a pony car, with some expected black plastic to meet the price point. The front seats are comfortable with partial power adjustment, although the seat backs could be more supportive (side bolster). Our tester did not have a screen in the center which enhanced the "retro look" of the dash. The rear seat, its a pony car, need we say more. 

Many inquire about the visibility, this tester has a back up camera in the rear view mirror which is useful, as well as convex mirrors incorporated in the rear view mirrors. From our perspective visibility is not an issue with the back up camera. 

Ford was a laggard under the hood of the Mustang, compared to its competition. This new 5.0 liter inspired by the original Indy racing engine solves the deficiency with 412 HP and 390 lb.ft. of torque; back in the day 400 HP required a big block which often unbalanced the car (too much weight up front), now you get 412 HP from an all aluminum DOHC engine with variable valve timing. 

Finally the Mustang is in the same horsepower league as its immediate competitors! Do we have to tell you who the competitors are? Didn't think so!

You could say that this car is the modern version of the Boss 302 from back in the day, with more power, and dramatically better brakes.

If you have been exposed to Mustangs for a few years, this car realigns memories, perceptions, performance levels...lets not kid ourselves nostalgia is a cool thing, while the modern version is dramatically better than the version generating the nostalgia.

The V6 version of the modern car is comparable to the V8 version of the "back in the day" car, this version with 412 HP is comparable to a big block....back in the day. Lets not forget, there were more Mach 1's with the 351 engine (hopefully a  Cleveland), than Boss 302, 428CJ, or Boss 429.

This 2011 5.0 GT is the "halo car" to sell V6 versions with 305 HP, and exceptional fuel economy.

The options on this tester: HID headlamps, 3.73 Limited slip rear axle, GT brake performance package (you absolutely want this package with the 5.0), Panorama roof, Rear camera (very useful).

The fuel economy rating is 7.6 L Highway and 12.2 L City per 100 kms. 

How does it drive?

The engine is a revelation with good power delivery, accompanied by an aggressive top end. The 6 speed is precise with a slightly notchy shifter, there is good steering feel from the electric power steering, the brakes are a complete joy to use. In addition it makes all the right sounds that a pony car should make. 

It handles well, constantly urging you to get spirited, while loving on/off ramps. Its smooth on the highway, although the  suspension is a little stiff which makes the car "nervous" on irregular surface roads. 

Why should you get a 5.0? 

You are seeking a sense of fun, with an elevated level of performance. You are a V8 aficionado. You have other vehicles that you can use as a daily driver. You appreciate the retro styling and look of the Mustang. You prefer the simplicity of a manual transmission with a clutch pedal. 

Plus as if we have to say it....Its exceptional "performance value"! No one needs a Mustang 5.0 GT with 412 HP...but if you want will bring numerous smiles to your face.

The quick overview...




2010 Taurus SHO - Yes it Goes

2010 Ford Taurus AWD SHO

Atlantis Green metallic with Charcoal leather and Miko suede inserts.

3.5L EcoBoost V6 365 HP and 350 lb.ft. of Torque

The photo gallery of the Taurus SHO

We reserved the Taurus SHO a few months ago, primarily to experience the EcoBoost V6. In the meantime the Taurus was voted the best Family Sedan over 30K by the members of AJAC during the annual Testfest at the end of October.

By being patient we now have an opportunity to experience the EcoBoost, the SHO, and the best Family Sedan...its cool.

The SHO has an aggressive street presence, must be the higher belt line, and smaller glass area. Its the first thing that caught our attention, and it attracts a lot of second looks especially from enthusiasts. Its always the same question "Is it a SHO?" accompanied by "It must go!".

The SHO version is an all wheel drive sport sedan based on a front wheel drive architecture. The twin turbo V6 is marvelous, with instant power and torque, you never know that its a twin turbo engine. We understand why Ford is proud of the EcoBoost V6, with its innovative desgin. The SHO is fully equipped with all the options that you would expect, and a few that you don't expect like adjustable pedals with memory. In addition to a glass sunroof, rear window shade, front and rear heated and ventilated seats. The Adaptive Cruise Control is a "pretty smart" system when its activated, yes it does slow the car when coming up to a slower vehicle, and re accelerates when you change lanes. Our tester did not have Navigation, without a big screen which is almost refreshing, with the exception that the back up camera is in the rear view mirror. 

With a base MSRP of $48,199 one immediate thought that comes to mind "50K for a Ford sedan?". You get reflective for a moment, which is a good thing!

The car has the street presence/look, all the options you expect, and would want, and it has the EcoBoost with a good level of power, along with a sport suspension, a precise electric power steering with good feel, and 20 inch wheels with 245 tires. 

The Sync interface is as good as it gets to use all the technology that is availbale, from the sound system, satellite radio, Bluetooth, MP3 its easy to use, and you can adjust the various features to your personal preference.

Yes its a cool ride, and a sport sedan even if its on the large side. 

How does it drive?

Its a superb highway cruiser, the car gathers momentum with authority. We absolutely enjoyed the car on the highway, especially that we had an opportunity to put a few kilometers with varying road and climatic conditions. Its an impressive car that exudes confidence, and often urges you to be spirited. 

The car has a solid structure, never loses its composure even on broken pavement, good brakes that can easily deal with the power, and being AWD must be excellent on snow with winter tires.

The interior is "manly" (male oriented) with good fit and finish, and accpetable materials for the price segment. Rear seat legroom is acceptable, the trunk is cavernous. We would tell Alan Mulally to deal with the front seats that need attention. 

The fuel economy rating is 8L highway and 12.3L city per hundred kilometers. Needless to say that you have to exercise extreme self control to achieve those numbers. Its a fun car, that urges you on, need we say more.

You can configure a Taurus as per your requirements.

We were impressed with the EcoBoost its a wonderful engine. If you require a superlative highway cruiser with AWD, in a sport sedan with a good level of power, all the options that you can imagine. The Taurus SHO is the car for you. 



2010 Fusion Sport - A Case of Hot Fusion.

2010 Ford Fusion Sport AWD

3.5L V6 263 HP with 6 speed Select Shift transmission.

Brilliant Silver Metallic with Charcoal leather interior / Blue Accents.

Take a moment view the photo gallery.

For some inexplicable reason we have taken an interest in mid size sedans especially the latest offerings from Detroit as well as the traditional segment leaders. This interest is fueled by our opinion that it’s a compelling and competitive market segment. We expressed out thoughts here.

A few days ago we picked up this Fusion Sport and often first impressions are the ones that endure be it about people, and cars. Walking up to the car…it has interesting and muscular styling cues with good presence, the interior is stylish. After quickly getting familiar, adjusting the seats, mirrors, we are on the road.

Suddenly its…this car has a Teutonic feel? Yes it does! It has a good level of power, and the sound of the intake is totally cool (Ford is a leader at tuning intake sounds). In the first 90 seconds the car is communicating positive vibes. Unexpected...perhaps, encouraging....totally.

Take a moment to review the photo gallery, the car exudes the look of a “sport sedan”, it sounds like a sport sedan, has the power level of a sport sedan, and handles like a sport sedan…it must be a sport sedan, and its all wheel drive.

The Fusion Sport AWD is the “flagship" version, its the top of the line with a base MSRP of $ 35,299. and a highway fuel economy rating of 8.3L per 100 km.

The leather interior is roomy, well finished, with good materials for the price segment. The driver seat is fully power, the passenger seat is partial power, the rear seat backs fold down, the Blue accents, blue stitching are different, and a personal choice. Its an attractive interior, complemented by the glass sunroof for the additional "touch". The mood lighting with varying colors is a novel feature.

The safety features are all present, be it the air bags, ABS brakes, traction control, stability program, and this Fusion has all wheel drive which can be interpreted as an additional safety feature. In addition to BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) which works well and is silent with an orange indicator in the rear view mirrors. As well as the CTA (Cross Traffic Alert) which is very useful when backing out of a parking space.

The superb technology interface powered by Sync is intuitive (touch screen) and easy to use (voice activated), the Sony branded sound system with CD player, satellite radio, MP3 capability, Bluetooth, with 12 speakers its strong. The steering controls facilitate keeping your hands on the steering wheel. Did we mention that the back up camera assisted by the CTA makes it easy to back out of a mall parking spots especially during frenetic times. You cannot program the navigation while the car is moving, its great to avoid distractions.

How does it drive? It’s a sport sedan that constantly communicates and encourages you to get a little spirited, the car exudes confidence, the brakes are good, the handling is very good especially that its AWD, the power is good with a sporty intake sound. You can have fun especially with off ramps!Did we forget to mention that rougher roads the car is "solid".

The Fusion Sport tells the world that Ford is in the "sedan business", and understands what a sport sedan buyer wants in a car. Perhaps you think that we just made a strong statement, we urge you to experience the car for will be impressed.

The specifications of the Fusion.

The warranty is 36/60,000 km and 60/100,000 km on the powertrain.

You can configure a Fusion here, and calculate a finance payment which starts at 0% for 36 months, and even get a trade in value. The lease calculator is there but it does not calculate....wonder why?

Considering a sport sedan? Take the time to experience a Fusion Sport...its HOT!


We asked for help and participation from the Twitter community to review this Fusion. Thank You for participating.

Question from @JGlucker:Should Ford produce the Taurus if they already have this in the lineup?

Answer: I think that Ford has a 3 sedan line up small Focus, medium Fusion, large Taurus. The Taurus might be the full size sedan without a box (replacement for pick ups used primarily as cars). Its my understanding that Ford is committed to the sedan (car) market.

Questions from @lars2885:Ford says: "Fusion is a driver's car". Sounds familiar. Is it?

Answer: It is a "driver's car" from the perspective of a sports sedan, its well "planted"(inspires confidence) does not lose its composure in sweepers, or tight turns. On the highway its smooth, the OD keeps the RPM quite low which helps fuel economy. Ford walks the talk with this car.

Is the blind spot information system helpful? sometimes annoying?

Answer: Its helpful, no audible warning to annoy, just an orange indicator on top corner of the outside mirrors, by the time the orange light is out the vehicle is in the rearview mirror, makes it easier and safer to change lanes.

The Sport AWD is roughly 1.6 times as expensive as the base model. Does it compete in a different

Answer: Every manufacturer has offering from the low 20's to mid 30's (perhaps even high 30's) in the mid size sedan segment. My opinion is that the lower priced versions(4 cyl) are primarily commuter cars, the higher priced versions(V6) are either luxury / sport oriented. This Fusion Sport is also AWD which is easily a $ 2,000 option from a FWD version.

Question from @WAlex:You mean that Fusion is a cool computer/Stereo with wheels?

Answer: The technology interface (sound system, Sync, navigation, back up camera, BLIS, CTA) is cool stuff, and useful. This car compared to comparable (size, specs) Teutonic offerings is close to half the price, and its not half the car. Its an impressive value / performance proposition.