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2016 Cadillac CT6 - Spectacular

2016 Cadillac CT6 AWD Platinum

3.0L V6 Twin Turbo 404 HP with 8 Speed Automatic Transmission

Crystal White with Jet Black Leather

The photo gallery / slide show of the CT6...Click

The CT6 caught our attention at the Toronto Auto Show a few months ago. Needless to tell you that we seized the opportunity to spend a few days, and drive to the Cobble Beach Concours d'Elegance with this CT6,  where Cadillac is a sponsor.

A big car, with a fresh softer styling direction for Cadillac. Its appealing, with a subdued street presence, while the grille makes a bold statement, reinforced by the vertical LED lights which are distinctive to Cadillac.

The interior as expected is well finished, with a seat pattern that emulates the Cadillac logo capturing the attention. The detail stitching, wood and carbon fiber on the dash and door panels ads a touch of sophistication. The power, orthopedic and massage front and rear seats must be experienced to appreciate the sophistication, and simplicity of use.

The Bose Panarey sound system with the pop up speaker in the dash is superlative, frankly anything less would be a disappointment in a car of this caliber. Its clear that the folks at Cadillac know that the sound system must rock.

A power rear seat with generous leg room complements the interior. It might only be used occasionally or perhaps regularly, its all good. The pop up screens mounted on the front seat backs are a novelty. The Panarey speakers in the rear control center enhance the sound.

We could provide you with a lengthy list of all the features, they are all there from panorama roof, to adaptive cruise control, to a cool front and rear camera and a birds eye view camera. Lets not forget CUE which we always find intuitive to use, on this CT6 there is even a touch pad on the console. Needless to tell you that the camera in the rear view mirror is a display of technology.

The actual instruments are for some reason less intuitive than CUE. Blue lines on the perimeter of the gauges are not as legible as needles.

You can configure your own

How does it drive...

This car is a revelation to drive, if there is a next level to how a big luxury sedan should drive/handle this CT6 is the benchmark. Yes...from our perspective its that good. It feels lighter and smaller than its size, the steering is precise, the brakes are robust, the acceleration is good, the algorithm for the 8 speed transmission is well calibrated.

The growl from the V6 is interesting, while the sound of a V8 would be dramatically more appealing, and discreet. The V6 aided by the boost of the twin turbos there is an appreciable level of power for both acceleration, and highway passing.

It begs the question "Am I in such a big car or a small sport sedan?" This car attacks on/off ramps like a small sport sedan, encouraging you to get exuberant. Our tester had 4 season tires, imagine what a set of high performance summer tires will do...while sport mode puts 80% of the power to the rear wheels, and tightens up the entire car.

If you are considering a luxury sedan, perhaps you glanced at a CT6. We urge you to experience a CT6 it will redefine you understanding of handling.

Strada Talking Points:

  • Formidable handling, and driving dynamics.
  • Impressive Bose Panarey sound system with 34 speakers.
  • Inviting power, ventilated, massaging rear seats.
  • Good power from the V6.
  • What a V8 could do.

 The quick review...




2014 Cadillac CTS V Sport

2014 Cadillac CTS V Sport

3.6 L Twin Turbo V6 420 HP with 8 Speed Automatic transmission

White Diamond with Kona Brown / Jet Black Leather interior

The photo gallery/slide show of the CTS V Sport...Click.

By now you are aware that we have some sort of a soft spot for Cadillac. There is something about all the latest Cadillacs that is appealing to us. Obvious that one finished in White Diamond, quickly captures our attention.

Yes Cadillac owns the "pearl white" finish for its cars. 

Now factor in that its a CTS V Sport and it becomes a very interesting car, although a little pricey with a base price of $74,495.

Cadillac's have their own distinctive styling, which produces a compelling street presence. The bolder grille, distinctive vertical LED's. and square exhausts are by now unique to Cadillac.

The interior is inspiring, and superbly finished, the 2 tone leather is elegant, the texture of the wood paneling is unique. Starting with CUE and all the other features that you expect are all present, complemented by an impressive sound system.

You can configure your CTS V

If you had doubts that Cadillac can develop a discreet performance model without resorting to the all out V version with the supercharged V8. This car will reassure you.

This V Sport embodies our perspective of a luxury car with waftability, its elegant, its discreet, its quiet, while delivering an astonishing level of performance. 

The twin turbo V6 with the well calibrated 8 speed automatic is a powerful combination and the transmission has a precise shift algorithm which is well matched to the capabilities of the engine. Yes...when the turbos spool up its exhilarating. The Brembo brakes are reassuring, the steering is precise, the suspension is inspiring. 

The folks at Cadillac have done their due diligence with this version of the CTS. The car instantly communicates that its competent, it has a strong level of power, it has all the features, its right up there with the best in the segment.

There is a special something about luxury cars with a higher level of performance that sets them apart, and reinforces the traditional "luxury factor"...this CTS has an abundance of the something. The entire Strada editorial team was impressed by this car.

We can keep on going here, suffice it to say that this car inspires.

If you are considering a luxury sedan with a higher level of performance than the base engine. While not desiring the "boy racer" versions that many German manufacturers offer. You owe it to yourself to experience the CTS V Sport. 

This CTS will recalibrate your perspective of a luxury sedan that performs.


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2014 Cadillac CTS - Impressive

2014 Cadillac CTS 4

3.6L V6 321 HP with 6 Speed Automatic Transmission

Phantom Grey Metallic with Jet Black Leather

The photo gallery/slide show of the

The opportunity to spend a few days with a CTS appeared from nowhere, and yes...we jumped. Suddenly its cold, its snowing, its not the ideal time, or perhaps it is since this tester is an AWD car.

Needless to mention that scheduling the photo shoot was interesting.

Our expectations for the CTS are high and unforgiving. Especially that Cadillac has been renewing itself for a few years now. 

This car is truly impressive, and world class. If you remember the historical line "Standard of the World" its refreshing to see Cadillac uphold the tradition. 

The styling is genuine Cadillac, with softer, refined angles. Accompanied by a bolder grille, and Cadillac insignia. Yes...including the fastback sedan look for which we have an appreciation. The front LED lights make for an unmistakable street presence. At the rear the rectangular exhaust outlets, the subtle spoiler enhance the presence. Everyone immediately knows that its a luxury car, and a Cadillac.

The interior is meticulously crafted, with detail stitching, perforated leather, carbon fiber paneling, and leather that smells and feels like leather. The front seats are snug, comfortable, with an adjustable lenght seat cushion, lumbar support. The rear seat leg room is excellent.

We are not going to list all the features, in a luxury car we expect a superior sound system, the 13 speaker Bose Surround Sound is up to the task. We expect above avarage technology, the Rear Cross Traffic Alert aiding the back up camera is totally cool especially dealing with parking lots during the holiday rush.

The Adaptive Cruise Control is a revelation, in highway and congestion (typical in the GTA) this car literally controls its own speed, accelerates, brakes by captures the imagination.

Obvious all the other features from heated and ventilated front seats, heated rear seat, side blind spot, automatic seat belt tightening, panorama roof, heated steering wheel. to name a few are all present. As well as CUE which we find easy and intuitive to use.

In the segment of luxury cars this CTS is a serious contender with the very best when it comes to features, technology, and interior finishing.

The engine compartment is striking by how well its finished, and reinforces that the folks at Cadillac exerted an extra effort.

You can configure your own

How does it drive?

You absolutely do not expect this car to drive and perform in such a competent, confidence inspiring fashion. Its a luxury sport sedan...we repeat its a luxury sport sedan. Although we had snow most of the time, the dry pavement moments were revealing, good power, responsive transmission algorithm, precise steering, superior Brembo brakes. 

This CTS encourages exhuberance, while telegraphing that you should get even more exhuberant...this car quickly becomes intoxicating. Augmented by an authoritative growl from the engine, abundant passing power reinforced by a quick acting transmission. We need to mention that on/off ramps are a treat...a genuine Wow moment in an all wheel drive car.

The snow fall provided an opportunity to experience the all wheel drive, which is seamless, and confidence inspiring, even if our tester had 19 inch all season tires. Yes...we preferred to be cautious on snow.

Its not inexpensive, we have come to understand that all premium cars are priced in the higher margins, the CTS is no costs every manufacturer more money to build a premium car.

If you are considering a luxury sedan why should you consider a CTS compared to other well established brands. They are all good cars, but the CTS is a really good will reset your expectations. 

The quick review.





2013 Cadillac XTS - Elegant and Refined

2013 Cadillac XTS Premium AWD

3.6L V6 304 HP with 6 Speed Automatic Transmission

White Diamond with Jet Black Leather

The photo gallery/slide show of the XTS

We first saw the XTS concept a few years ago in Detroit as GM was emerging from some dark moments, and having had a conversation with Clay Dean from Cadillac Design the following year regarding the styling of the XTS. We were more than anxious to finally experience an XTS for a few days.

From the outset we had our reservations on the shortness of the hood, from the perspective that luxury cars have a longer hood than the one on the XTS. On the street the short hood blends in nicely with the styling of the car, yes our hood reservations have dissipated. Needless to mention that White Diamond is a stunning color on the car, raising the street presence to new levels.

Everyone notices a White Diamond fastback sedan with an authoritative Cadillac grille...the car makes a statement.

We experienced the car during the "cold snap" and travelled to areas that were appreciably colder than the GTA. The XTS started seamlessly, the heated steering wheel is instantly warm, the heated/ventilated seats are appreciated. Even CUE worked flawlessly with no gloves at cold temperatures.

Interiors are often a personal preference, GM for the past few years has paid considerable attention to interiors, this XTS has a meticulously crafted interior with great attention to details. The delicate stitching on the dash, the adjustable seat cushions, the immense panorama sunroof, power tilt and telescoping steering wheel. We can keep on going, every feature that you expect in a luxury car is present, and functions seamlessly. 

Our tester was the Premium version with a simply awesome 14 speaker Bose surround sound system. You can configure your own XTS.

The rear seat is spacious with excellent leg room, easy to access, complemented with its own temperature controls. The trunk is a complete surprise, its huge, augmented by folding seat backs.

Our initial reservations of the short hood which were quickly dispelled seeing the car on the street, were also augmented by the fact that the concept was a front wheel drive car which is presumably not a desirable feature on a luxury car. As you know in Canada most cars in this segment are all wheel drive, our tester was the XTS4 version from our perspective should be the only version available in Canada similar to many of the German offerings.

How does it drive?

Phenomenal highway cruiser that immediately exudes and transmits the luxury car feel complemented by a sense of complete self assuredness, must be the Magnetic Ride Control suspension. Its a wow moment that there is something special about the car.

Easy to manoeuvre on surface streets, and what you cannot see there is a camera or sensor to warn you of impending obstructions, with the alert in the driver seat a cool feature.

Being an AWD the car is seamless on slippery surfaces with the ABS being the initial alert that its slippery.

The steering has a judicious amount of feels for a luxury sedan, the brakes once warm are authoritative. Its not a sport sedan while at all times communicating assuring driving dynamics.

The V6 with an authoritative growl in the higher ranges, provides adequate performance with good passing power, the automatic with subtle paddle shifts is well calibrated to the engine.

We came away from our few days with the XTS, our reservations dispelled, and if you are considering an AWD full size sedan make its point to experience the XTS, your hopefully your reservations will be dispelled.

The quick review


CTS-V Coupe and MKZ Hybrid

Its not often that we get to review two cars at the same time, let alone complete opposites. When faced with such an opportunity its only natural to compare the cars against each other. In one corner we have the 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, and in the other the 2011 Cadillac CTS-V coupe.  

Both cars are similarly equipped, with leather interiors, power everything, Navigation systems, parking sensors, and sunroof just to name a few.  If this was a buff publication (you know the ones) you would expect the CTS to decimate the MKZ, and you would be right to think so. The CTS-V is a missile! Our comparison is not about 0-60 times or 1/4  miles, its the cars and, their purposes. Its about the bigger picture, of how two rival companies brought out the best in each other.

With a base price of just under $40,000 for the MKZ our tester had a the $7,400(202A) package which provides features such as adaptive HID headlights,  17’ chrome wheels, THX audio system, NAV and a 10Gb HD just to name a few.  The total price for the MKZ was $ 47,299.

The 2011 CTS-V Coupe starts at $71,500 the tester featured a few options  such as the Recaro Sport seats   that are heated, and cooled, this $3,900 options also makes the seat bolster adjustable via air bags, along with the cushion and lumbar. Aluminum sport pedeals are included when equipped with the 6 speed Tremec as our was. The last and final option was the suede steering wheel for $345. The total price for the V was $76,230.  

The styling of the Lincoln is very traditional and subdued. The lines are clean, almost to the point that the car blends in well, almost too well. This conservative approach can be a good thing, this car will not draw negative attention while appealing to a wider range of people. The V on the other hand is about as subtle as a sledge hammer. With aggressive and muscular lines, bulging hood, and 19’ wheels, the styling easily translates the capabilities of this car. Styling to this extreme is a personal preference of love or hate, its cool the CTS-V coupe is a niche car. The MKZ will draw some attention, although most folks will not give it a second glance. This car is a good balance of styling, street presence, and subtleness. The CTS-V attracts attention all the time, it can be good or bad, especially if you have a lapse in self-control.  

As expected both cars also drive differently. The MKZ is a smooth, comfortable, quiet cruiser. In essence it drives the way it looks, the steering is good, and brakes offer reasonable feedback. Its not a sports car, the suspension, and tires will remind you that when you do decide to get sprited around a corner or off ramp.  The V is the opposite,  steering is precise, the Brembo brakes can easily keep up with the power, the adjustable magnetic ride suspension offers great feel in touring mode, and will tell you which side the coin was facing in sport mode when you run over it. You will appreciate the MKZ on surface streets doing errands. On the other side when you are considering some spirited driving the MKZ will quickly dissuade you.   

Powering these cars is an ICE but that is where it starts, and ends! The MKZ a 2.5L  Atkinson cycle 4 cylinder with 156 HP and 136 lb-ft of torque, and assited by an electric motor that generates 106 HP. Power is routed to the front wheels through a CVT transmission. Performance in the MKZ is more then ample for passing and merging, and when crawling in traffic on a 400 series highway or in the city its a great feeling to see the tachometer go to zero while the letters EV appear. The MKZ is able to run in EV mode up to speeds of 70 KPH. A round trip of 120km, at average speed of 48 KPH the car achieved 5.5L / 100kms, its phenomenal fuel economy for a luxury car.

The CTS-V is powered by a supercharged 6.2L V8, with 9 psi of boost generating 556 HP and 551 lb-ft of torque.  Its the classic high performance package of serious power mated to a 6 speed manual transmission. The V makes quick… very quick work of on/off ramps, or passing slower traffic.  The amount of power available in every gear is amazing. The performance this car is almost comparable to a sport bike. At the same time, the saying that "it takes gas to make horsepower” applies.

Both car each in their own way put a smile on your face, and make you feel great.  



2011 CTS-V Coupe

2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe

Black Raven with Ebony leather Safron suede inserts

6.2L Supercharged V8 556 HP with 6 speed Tremec manual transmission

The photo gallery/slide show of the CTS-V

Lets just say this 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe quickly became one of the more popular cars that we have experienced, among the drivers, neighbors, onlookers on the street, and the gas pump.

Cadillac with its V Series is on a mission to hunt down the German heavy hitters, no one is safe, and they made sure that only one would walk away alive.  With claims of the fastest production sedan on the ring, the CTS-V has prodigious muscle, with the facts and records to support the claims.

Powering this CTS-V Coupe is a variant of GM’s halo LS9 engine. This Small Block V8 displaces 6.2L and 9 psi of boost is achived with a roots type supercharger.  The ensuing 556hp, and 551lb-ft  can either be routed through the 6 speed manual or a 6 speed automatic.  Our V was equipped with the manual transmission, and driving it for the first time you can tell  just by the sound of the syncros, and the feel of a twin plate clutch that this combination is special, and worth the extra work. The V makes quick… very quick work of on/off ramps, and passing slower traffic.  The amount of power available in every gear is amazing.  The performance this car delivers is almost comparable to sport bike.



If you are of a certain age, evolving at a time when you required a stout small block Chevrolet, or a big block coupled to a Muncie "rock crusher" and a Positraction to have a car with a strong level of performance. Those were the days prior to the appearance of German hot rods.

This CTS-V Coupe resonates...push rod V8 with a blower, a dual disc clutch with a clutch pedal, a Tremec 6 speed with audible synchronizers, and a positraction, with a good level of horsepower to make it interesting. We are familiar with serious horsepower, having had our own quest and experiences to generate serious power in cars.

This CTS-V has serious power that generates serious emotions, and fun. 

Do you need such a car...NO! But...if you had stout small blocks, have had your personal quest for horsepower you absolutely want such a car.

The car is a little heavy which makes it as solid as a block of titanium, the dual disc clutch is accompanied by a light pedal feel, the Tremec has short positive throws with the audible synchronizers, the suede steering wheel, and Recaro seats are a required option, the brakes are strong while easily dealing with the horsepower. 

On/Off ramps are an invitation to explore limits...

You would not expect anything less from a car with serious horsepower...what is remaquable about this is immediately obvious that the folks at Cadillac were meticulous to consider the details, and ensure that all the aspects of the car work together in a seamless fashion. Quickly remembering a verbal walk around of the CTS-V Coupe from a Cadillac engineer from sometime ago (2010), at time being reserved about some of the comments being made. 

From our previous experience with a CTS Coupe, the street presence is compelling, the cool thing about a V is how subdued it spoilers, no diffusers, no overly loud exhaust...a few discreet V badges. There is still an enduring cool factor about the discreet Q ship appearance of the CTS-V in a world of in your face German hot rods.

If you appreciate Detroit horsepower, and are seeking a car with a touch of luxury, an exquisite interior, an impressive sound system, and obvious all the performance pre requisites of engine, transmission with a clutch pedal, suspension, brakes.  

The CTS-V Coupe is as good as it gets...

The quick review.





2011 Cadillac CTS - Cool Coupe

2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe

3.6 L V6 304 HP with 6 Speed Automatic

Black Ice Metallic with Ebony Leather

The photo gallery/slide show of the CTS Coupe.

We saw the CTS Coupe several months ago at the Detroit Auto Show, was a WoW moment. The car made a forceful styling statement in a show environment. For some reason in a real life street environment, the statement is reinforced to a serious WOW!

This car commands second and third looks...from everyone, its distinctive, its evocative, its styled to attract attention. Anyone seeking a luxury coupe to make a bold statement, this is it...look no further.

If coupes are primarily "halo" cars, not only does this car get second looks, it makes a clear statement that its a Cadillac, compared to some competing coupes with the jelly bean, or creasematic look. While this tester with the sport package was often identified by onlookers as a V version (we wish) especially with the 19 inch wheels.

The interior is superb, meticulously finished, the detail stitching in the seats, dash, door panels is a complementary touch, the substantial wood steering wheel that is also heated is cool. The front seats are CTS seats that still require some fine tuning, especially with a recalibrated seat cushion. The door handles (lack of) both outside and inside are totally cool. 

Its a coupe, the head room is not as abundant as the sedan version, the rear seat will accomodate children, the rear visibility is improved upon with the back up camera, and parking sensors. The sunroof which is large for a coupe, brightens the interior.

The entertainment system is very good, the retractable screen for the navigation system is an added benefit, most of the time we all know where we are going, do we always need a screen showing us where we are? The back up camera view could use the graduated markings which are almost an industry standard.

The interior of this car makes you, and the passenger feel good...with all the required touches, and features that you expect from a luxury car. Including genuine wood paneling.

The fuel economy rating is 6.9 L Highway and 11.4 L City per 100 kms.

All the specifications of the CTS Coupe as well as the configurator

How does it drive?

By now you should know that CTS's have world class driving dynamics, this coupe follows with a taunt, solid feel, the steering is just right, the brakes are good, the car encourages spirited driving, you have the feeling that 304 HP are not enough to challenge the dynamics of this car, they are that good.

The manual mode buttons behind the steering wheel are an elegant solution to shift paddles, the transmission is very responsive in manual mode. While the shift algorithm could be crisper in automatic mode.

There are several choices in this coupe segment, all offering similar features from active Xenon, wood paneling, navigation, heated ventilated seats, stability control, and so on. If styling is one your top priorities, no other coupe is as evocative as the CTS, or makes a bolder statement. If driving dynamics is another priority, again the CTS is world class. 

The quick review





2010 Cadillac SRX - Great Style

2010 Cadillac SRX AWD Turbo Premium

2.8L Turbo V6 300HP with 6 Speed Automatic Transmission

Imperial Blue Metallic with Dark Titanium Leather

Photo Gallery/Slide Show of the SRX

Presented with an opportunity to drive the Turbo version of the SRX we quickly seized the moment. Cadillacs have distinctive styling, with great street presence, while making a compelling visual statement. Its refreshing to see Cadillac make a bold statement in this market segment.

This SRX is a stylish luxury CUV that attracts attention, and favorable comments.

By now we expect a world class interior from GM, especially in a Cadillac, we were not disappointed. Are we repeating ourselves, in saying that GM is doing a phenomenal job with interiors. 

This version of the SRX has all the features that one expects in a luxury CUV. From illuminated entry sills, wood steering wheel, power adjustable brake/accelerator pedals, mood lighting, panorama roof, adjustable opening power tailgate, heated/ventilated front seats, heated rear seat, automatic climate control, Xenon headlamps, parking sensors, back up camera, rear seat entertainment, and more. 

The navigation, satellite radio, Bluetooth, entertainment system with the Bose surround sound is intuitive and easy to use. As you know, some of these systems can be daunting. 

Did we mention that the instrument panel is very cool.

With a base MSRP of $62,770 many features are simply expected. Some that caught our attention, the keyless entry with push button start is expected, the fact that it locks itself with a honk of the horn as you walk away is cool. The mood lighting extending to the rear doors ads a touch of elegance at night. The adjustable power tailgate is useful in low clearance situations. 

The power front seats are very comfortable, especially the driver seat with the adjustable cushion length, rear seat legroom is good. The folding rear seat is easy to operate.

Its a Cadillac, the evocative styling, is there! You expect a compelling and elegant interior, its there! You expect loads of features they are all there, and even some that you would not expect. 

All the safety features are present from air bags, to ABS, to electronic stability, traction control, even an electric limited slip differential.

The warranty is 4 years / 80,000 kms, with 5 years / 160,000 kms on the powertrain.

Yes it has 4 years / 80,000 kms "No Charge" maintenance!

How does it drive?

This SRX feels like a luxury CUV, its smooth, and composed with the continuously variable damping system, it does not lose its composure on rough/broken pavement. With ventilated discs all around the brakes are impressive with good pedal feel. The steering is speed sensitive which is great for low speed maneuvering, and great on center feel for the highway. In addition you can change the character of the SRX by going into sport mode (stiffer suspension,more aggressive shift algorithm).

How does the turbo motor perform? 

Great mid range performance, especially on the highway it gathers speed with authority. On surface streets its docile until you depress the accelerator and the turbo makes its presence felt. 

The economy rating is 9.1L Highway and 13.6L City per 100 kms. 

We had the SRX for the Easter week end, one of our neighbor who has a luxury CUV was impressed by the SRX's styling and interior. We went for an extended drive, three members of the Strada Crew in the SRX, with one playing devil's advocate the comments from the other 2 were always favorable towards the SRX. 

There are numerous offerings in the luxury CUV segment, and perhaps the SRX might not grab your attention. If you are considering a luxury CUV make it a point to experience an SRX, you will be impressed. 




2010 CTS Sport Wagon - One Hot Wagon

2010 Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon 

Diamond White w/ Ebony Leather

3.6L V6 304 HP with 6 speed automatic transmission

The photo gallery of the CTS Sport Wagon.

As you know we took a strong interest on the CTS-V Challenge. Reviewing this CTS Sport Wagon a few weeks later is an appropriate follow up to our Challenge interest. This version of the CTS has been around for a while, and there have been numerous reviews of the CTS sedan.  

The Sport Wagon is new, with a unique street presence, its a distinctive look. Finished in Diamond White it attracts numerous second takes.

The base price starts at $50,755 this tester with the 1SH package which literally includes anything, and everything you would ever want, and expect in a car at this price segment. From the glass roof, heated ventilated seats, navigation, rear vision camera, lumbar, key less start to name a few. This particular car has a total MSRP of $60,770 when you see a Cadillac in that price range you have a tendency of pausing for a moment. 

This is "serious money" territory, is this a serious car worth the money? Its a fair question to ask, especially in light of the events that have been buffeting GM. 

Cadillac has done its due diligence with the CTS. If you could "blind fold" an individual and have this person experience this CTS, and other European offerings, in most instances the individual would not know the difference, and would even choose the CTS over some of the European offerings. 

This CTS is a good car that can play in the "European sport sedan arena" all day and not get ruffled.

How does it drive?

Like a European rear wheel drive sport sedan, with a wonderful sound from the engine (the V6 sounds like an inline 6 need we say more), seamless transmission with a good manual mode, precise steering with good on center feel, a suspension that is constantly urging you to get spirited, excellent progressive brakes. 

How does it feel?

When you are prepared to spend $60,000 for any vehicle you are looking for a "feel" its no longer just specifications, its a "feel" that a vehicle communicates to you. does get personal, its your money, and a vehicle has to pull at your heart, and intellect. 

This car has the "feel" will provoke your heart in addition the street presence is awesome, the styling is unique, the performance and driving experience is superb, the interior is well styled, enriched by the wood touches. 

Why a Sport Wagon?

If you are seeking a unique car with a different look, with innovative styling this car is for you. Is it really a station wagon? From our perspective its more of a sedan with a different trunk styling, with very cool tail lights. Several manufacturers are now offering "luxury 5 door sedans" it seems to be the latest trend. From a styling/design perspective its easy to do much worse than the CTS.

We have an improved understanding of why Bob Lutz thumps his chest with this car. He is confident that it is a good car compared to the competition. There is an also AWD version which again shows that Cadillac has done its homework.

You can configure your own CTS to your personal requirements.

What would we tell Bob Lutz?

A- Bob, the front seats need attention, they are not up to the standard of the rest of the car.

B- The transmission algorithm needs a higher degree of crispness, although the manual mode is cool.

C- Bob, we discussed this one before, without a "competitive lease program for the market segment" in Canada this car faces an arduous task in the market.  

If you are considering a 5 door sedan in this price segment, you must take the time to experience the CTS Sport Wagon.