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2016 Prius V

2016 Toyota Prius V

1.8L 4 Cylinder + Electric Motor 136 HP with CVT Transmission

Absolutely Red with Black Soft Tex interior

The photo gallery / slide show of the Prius

We are always looking forward to spending a few days with an hybrid. Although hybrids seem to have taken a back seat, we remain enthusiastic towards hybrids, and were excited to spend some time with this Prius V.

At a time when all sorts of utilities and trucks are capturing everyone's imagination for a multitude of reasons. While everyone is talking about autonomous vehicles as if they are almost around the corner.

Here is a Prius V which is the same size and usefulness as a utility vehicle, and with an adaptive cruise control that provides a glimpse into autonomous vehicles.

Lets call the styling unique, and purposeful and we all have our own preferences. Agreed the street presence immediately communicates that its an hybrid. The Absolutely Red augments the street attraction. Its not a sedan, or a utility, its an aerodynamic station wagon.

The interior is positively immense for the size of the car...its huge. Well executed, with good materials and finishes for the price segment. The fact there are no instrument panel behind the steering wheel reinforces that this car is different...its an hybrid.

All the features you expect from a power driver seat, navigation, back up camera, satellite radio, heated seats to name a few are present. The front seats are comfortable even on an extended trip, while the roominess of the interior augments a sense of overall comfort. The sound system is good, and we agree that blind spot monitoring should be present.

The rear seat is adjustable which makes rear seat leg room a non issue even for oversized adults. Everyone was pleasantly surprised with the back there is a ton of room back here. Lets not forget the full size panoramic roof.

The cargo area is more than adequate, and folding down the rear seat augments the versatility of the Prius V.

You can configure your own Prius

How does it drive?

Its an hybrid and in normal or eco mode we agree that its a little sluggish especially on surface streets. In power mode its as good as the majority of 4 cylinders with a turbo. The coolest is the EV mode which is totally quiet, and a great way to drive in your neighborhood streets.

Its not a sport anything, its an hybrid everything. From our perspective the steering is good for an hybrid, the brakes are regenerative and good for an hybrid, the same for the suspension. It inspires confidence to drive under normal conditions.

The sound of the 4 cylinder coupled to the CVT belies the performance of the car. You always think that you its "slower" than it really is. Observing the app that shows the interaction between the 4 cylinder and electric motor provides additional insight into what is really going on.

The highway performance is simply remarkable, its quiet, with a surprising reserve of power, accompanied by no down shifts. With the adaptive cruise control its a totally cool and enlightening highway experience, as well as comfortable.

Should you consider an hybrid? Obvious its you decision...with the higher number of 4 cylinders with a turbocharger, a 4 cylinder with an electric motor is quite similar.

Strada Talking Points:

  • Its functional and versatile
  • Positively huge interior space for the size
  • Superior highway performance
  • Seamless "adaptive cruise control"
  • Its faster than you think

The quick review...



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