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2012 Impreza - Reassuring

2012 Subaru Impreza Sport Package 

2.0L Flat 4 Cyl 148 HP with Manual Mode CVT Transmission 

Camelia Red Pearl with Ebony Cloth

The photo gallery / slide show of the Impreza

2012 subaru imprezaWe are fortunate, often when we have a Subaru something comes up, a road trip is in order, quickly followed by inclement weather. 

This time was not different...

By now you probably know that we like Subaru's driving characteristics, the peace of mind, and reassurance they provide especially when it gets awful, and you have to drive.

This new 2012 Impreza is no exception, the styling although evolutionary is crisper than the outgoing version, while the 5 door hatchback remains versatile. Yes...this new Impreza has a discreet street presence, that only Subaru aficionados quickly recognise. 

The interior is well finished, the seats are comfortable, and yes we did spend a few hours in the car, the rear seat has acceptable leg room to accommodate adults. The rear hatch and folding rear seat make this version extremely versatile. One expects a level of conservatism from Subaru, especially with the interior execution. On our tester the radio faceplate was a constant reminder of a dot matrix printer, and average execution. Get the optional radio with the faceplate that better matches the information center. 

Needless to tell you, this car has all the active and passive safety features that you expect, including the symmetrical full time all wheel drive, vehicle dynamic control, and driver knee air bag to name a few.

We did have reservations towards the CVT transmission, which were quickly dispelled, its a cool set up, and in manual mode the paddle shift is truly enjoyable, the CVT behaving like a 6 speed transmission, with quick shifts either up or down...especially in surface street usage, the paddle shift raises the fun factor.

You expect a Subaru to deal with challenging Canadian climatic conditions with reassuring competence, this new Impreza did not disappoint. We were anxious, and excited to drive a few hundred kilometers in snowy The Impreza did not waver, few cars deal with adverse conditions like a Subaru.

The information, specifications, and configurator

The car is solid, reassuring, with a good steering feel, and progressive brakes, agreed that you would not expect anything less from Subaru. The power level of the 2 L engine is acceptable, for surface streets, while providing the required reserve for highway cruising. 

The manual mode with the paddle shift is very cool...

If you place a priority on driving capabilities, if you are not attracted by CUV's and are considering a sedan with comparable or better yet superior capabilities, make it a point to experience the new Impreza. 

The quick review...


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