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2011 CTS-V Coupe

2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe

Black Raven with Ebony leather Safron suede inserts

6.2L Supercharged V8 556 HP with 6 speed Tremec manual transmission

The photo gallery/slide show of the CTS-V

Lets just say this 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe quickly became one of the more popular cars that we have experienced, among the drivers, neighbors, onlookers on the street, and the gas pump.

Cadillac with its V Series is on a mission to hunt down the German heavy hitters, no one is safe, and they made sure that only one would walk away alive.  With claims of the fastest production sedan on the ring, the CTS-V has prodigious muscle, with the facts and records to support the claims.

Powering this CTS-V Coupe is a variant of GM’s halo LS9 engine. This Small Block V8 displaces 6.2L and 9 psi of boost is achived with a roots type supercharger.  The ensuing 556hp, and 551lb-ft  can either be routed through the 6 speed manual or a 6 speed automatic.  Our V was equipped with the manual transmission, and driving it for the first time you can tell  just by the sound of the syncros, and the feel of a twin plate clutch that this combination is special, and worth the extra work. The V makes quick… very quick work of on/off ramps, and passing slower traffic.  The amount of power available in every gear is amazing.  The performance this car delivers is almost comparable to sport bike.



If you are of a certain age, evolving at a time when you required a stout small block Chevrolet, or a big block coupled to a Muncie "rock crusher" and a Positraction to have a car with a strong level of performance. Those were the days prior to the appearance of German hot rods.

This CTS-V Coupe resonates...push rod V8 with a blower, a dual disc clutch with a clutch pedal, a Tremec 6 speed with audible synchronizers, and a positraction, with a good level of horsepower to make it interesting. We are familiar with serious horsepower, having had our own quest and experiences to generate serious power in cars.

This CTS-V has serious power that generates serious emotions, and fun. 

Do you need such a car...NO! But...if you had stout small blocks, have had your personal quest for horsepower you absolutely want such a car.

The car is a little heavy which makes it as solid as a block of titanium, the dual disc clutch is accompanied by a light pedal feel, the Tremec has short positive throws with the audible synchronizers, the suede steering wheel, and Recaro seats are a required option, the brakes are strong while easily dealing with the horsepower. 

On/Off ramps are an invitation to explore limits...

You would not expect anything less from a car with serious horsepower...what is remaquable about this is immediately obvious that the folks at Cadillac were meticulous to consider the details, and ensure that all the aspects of the car work together in a seamless fashion. Quickly remembering a verbal walk around of the CTS-V Coupe from a Cadillac engineer from sometime ago (2010), at time being reserved about some of the comments being made. 

From our previous experience with a CTS Coupe, the street presence is compelling, the cool thing about a V is how subdued it spoilers, no diffusers, no overly loud exhaust...a few discreet V badges. There is still an enduring cool factor about the discreet Q ship appearance of the CTS-V in a world of in your face German hot rods.

If you appreciate Detroit horsepower, and are seeking a car with a touch of luxury, an exquisite interior, an impressive sound system, and obvious all the performance pre requisites of engine, transmission with a clutch pedal, suspension, brakes.  

The CTS-V Coupe is as good as it gets...

The quick review.




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