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2008 ML320 CDI CPO

2008 Mercedes-Benz ML320 CDI Certified Pre Owned

3.0L V6 Diesel 215 HP and 398 lb.ft Torque with 7 Speed Automatic 

Obsidian Black with Charcoal Leather

The photo gallery/slide show of the ML320 CDI

Having recently experienced current SUV offerings, we were anxious to reacquaint ourselves a 2008 ML320 CDI primarily for the diesel motor, and to see first hand how it compares to newer/current model vehicles. Especially that SUV's are lifestyle vehicles that are often acquired on the strength of a newer model, and as we often mention vehicles that transcend winter are very popular in Canada. 

From our perspective this 2008 ML320 CDI which is a very well optioned example with the Sport Package, Navigation, and Harman Kardon sound system leaves nothing behind to a current SUV. Yes...we were pleasantly surprised, yes...we expected this M Class to be a little behind...

The styling is still appealing even after a few years. The interior is well finished, with attention to detail, while still looking new in this particular tester. The wood paneling on the dash, and doors ads a touch of richness, and sophistication. would not expect anything less from an M-B. The front seats are very comfortable, the Logic 7 sound system is phenomenal, the infotainment remains current, the safety features are still ahead of many competitors in this segment. 

The rear seat is accomodating with good leg room, the folding feature makes the cargo capacity versatile, the power tailgate is convenient.

How does it drive? 

You expect a diesel to have appreciable torque, this truck does not disappoint with impressive low end torque, augmented by the well calibrated, and smooth shifting 7 speed automatic transmission. Initial acceleration is authoritative, while the mid range is equally good, with acceptable performance at higher revolutions. You also expect a modern diesel to literally be as quiet as a gasoline engine, which is the case. 

Fuel economy is an appreciable improvement over a gasoline engine, from our perspective its at least 30% better than a gasoline engine with comparable power, and dramatically less low end torque. 

You expect a Mercedes-Benz to be competent over a variety of pavements, to be smooth, to inspire confidence, to be a great highway cruiser, to be solid, to have good brakes, and a good steering feel. This truck delivers on all counts, and is as good as some very good current offerings. It catches your attention that its still very good, and very current.

If you need, and are considering a full size SUV, we know that the choice is vast, and perhaps overwhelming by the sheer number of offerings. We urge you to experience a pre owned ML320 CDI, the price point is comparable to numerous new offerings, while still offering exceptional peace of mind. 

What caught our attention...for a truck that is a few years old, its remains current, and in some instances ahead. Especially in the competitive SUV segment we did not expect this truck to still be as current. The diesel motor is a pleasant bonus turning a full size SUV into a vehicle with good fuel economy (for an SUV), and exceptional low end performance.

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