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2011 Legacy 2.5i Sport - Its Smooth

2011 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Sport AWD 

2.5L 4 cylinder 170 HP with 6 Speed Manual Transmission

Graphite Grey Metallic with Black Cloth

The photo gallery/slide show of the Legacy.

We find Subarus fascinating, the more you use them, the more they engage you, the more they win you over. Here we are driving a Legacy which after a few days wins us over with its smoothness, quietness, and sophisticated frugality.

Having reviewed a good number of mid size sedans, what makes this Subaru unique? The obvious answer is that Subarus are only available in AWD. 

This Legacy has a discreet street presence, with appealing styling. The interior is spacious, with good materials for the price segment.  By now cloth is perhaps becoming the new leather, we like the cloth interior, the fit and finish, the attention to detail. The rear seat leg room is surprisingly ample, you don't expect that amount of rear seat leg room.

The simplicity of the controls is refreshing, and exudes a sense of reliability, from our perspective simplicity is synonymous with reliability. At the same time all the features that you expect are present from Bluetooth, MP3 connectivity, Satellite Radio. Its simple while being cool. As usual the manual HVAC controls are not our favorite (we prefer automatic climate control).

To continue on the theme of simplicity, this tester has a base MSRP of $27,995, to make it simple no options are available. Its an exceptional value proposition, a full featured mid size AWD sedan with a 6 speed manual transmission for less than $30,000.

All the specifications of the Legacy 2.5i Sport Comprehensive information on Symmetrical AWD

The fuel economy rating is 6.4 L Highway and 9.1 L City per 100 kms. 

How does it drive? 

What is really interesting about this car! Subaru simplifies the use of a manual transmission, with a "hill hold" feature which greatly facilitates starting on an incline, the electric hand brake is very convenient, the engine is sequenced with the up shifts to ensure that they are smooth and seamless.  

You almost get the feeling that its a manual transmission that aspires to be an automatic...its that simple.

With 170 HP and 170 lb.ft. of torque, the performance is middle of the road sedate, which is acceptable for an AWD sedan. Once you grasp that with 170 HP, it usually requires a lower gear to accelerate, and down shift accordingly its a lively car. 

A superb highway cruiser, smooth, quiet, in 6th it just wants to keep on going all day. We like the way this car feels like a bigger, more expensive car. 

On our habitual stretch of rough/broken pavement the car is composed, with precise steering, while inspiring confidence, frankly you would not expect anything less from Subaru. Although the suspension seems soft, in a corner it takes a set and its done. Does the car inspire spirited Can the car deal with spirited driving...yes. 

Why you should consider this Legacy?

You are seeking a manual transmission (clutch pedal) mid size sedan that transcends all climatic, and road conditions. You appreciate sophisticated simplicity, that exudes value, and reliability. You prefer a car with a distinct identity, engineering, driving characteristics. 

The quick review...



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