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The Last Road Trip

Its early August and here is another road trip with Walter, not knowing that it would be the last one (coincidence).

Debating to fly or drive, finally driving wins over...with Walter. Although Walter acted up on surface streets, requiring a flat bed on a few occasions. On any road trip it was always a flawless experience.

For some "reason" Walter decides to turn in a 9.0 liter per 100 km fuel economy which is simply stunning.

On this road trip The Colonel takes a few glamour shots of Walter.

Its a supreme highway cruiser, making an over 500 km drive almost effortless.

At the same time Walter is starting to show its age, the corrosion blob on the right quarter panel is diligently increasing in size, and level of irritation. Additional stone chips on the front, the lenses of the headlamps are quite tired.

Agreed...Walter has the patina of a used car, enhanced by the Benz cost savings of that time.

But...its still a V8, rear wheel drive, stong brakes....loves to cruise and attack on/off ramps.


Walter started off in Montreal, these photos were taken in the Montreal area...go figure (coincidence).


The fuel economy on the last trip


One more photo...


For a variety of reasons, Walter remains an endearing car, having been around for so long, having generated moments of joy, outright disdain,  and everything else in between.

Obvious that when called upon Walter still performs.



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