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The First Snowfall

We are in Canada, at some point it gets colder, and we will get snow. Been like that for centuries.

Although if you listen to the media in 2016 its an exception, a few degress centigrade on the minus side is suddenly cold. Go figure when minus 1C is cold for Canada.

The first snowfall of the season, same thing its as if it never snowed before, a shock to the system. 

Oh...we have to plow roads, we have to clean airport ramps, in short we have to deal with the snow, its Canada, its winter its normal to have snow.

Agreed...windy conditions can ice up stretches of roads, we know that too.

But it still comes as a surprise to many folks that its Canada, its winter, we get snow, wind, wind chill, icy patches on roads.

Should you have winter tires? What do you think?

The first snowfall reinforces the reality that slush, blowing snow, probably not the best thing for AV's (autonomous vehicles)...reflect on this.




Bentley in Snow

Snow...Bentley...AWD...still slipping and sliding