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Time Flies

The other day we were reflecting that time is accelerating even more while gaining increased momentum.

We could have a discussion that perhaps its all relative to one thing or another, and to various situations, or different stages in life or the business cycle.

At one point we remembered "Tempus Fugit" coined by the Roman poet Virgil who passed away at 19 BC. Yes...tempus fugit is a couple of thousand years old, and resonates more today than with an historical sun dial.

Which at one point or another begs the productive are we with our time? Starting with our own personal time.

Empowered by technology how much "stuff" could we really do in one day (24 hours) and how much stuff are we really doing? 

How much "stuff" do we get involved with, or have to endure that is not productive?

We could keep on going, but you surely get the vector of our thoughts. need to accelerate your usage of time.




Disruption or What

Back in the day disruption was referred to as "rocking the boat" was not wise to rock the boat.

At the same time a disruptive individual was known as a "shit disturber" and again it was not wise to be a shit disturber.

Some of this stuff would quickly alter a career path, or what looked like a career path back in the day.

Bureaucracy was presumably prevalent all over the place, again back in the day. While today in an open, transparent, system there is perhaps more bureaucracy going around from a PC to a laptop, to a mobile device, and so on...reflect on this for a moment.

What are we getting to? have to be your own disrupter, and shit disturber.

"Disrupt yourself before someone comes along and disrupts you".

You surely know the saying "Control you destiny or someone else will"

Connect a few dots for yourself, and as we progress towards the end of 2016, and start looking at the 2017 landscape. Be keenly aware of what can disrupt you, who will disturb your shit, and how you will if not outright control at least influence your destiny.

The bureaucracy...its all over the place we all know that...or do we?

We agree its a tall order, not simple or easy.




The Crazy Ones

You know the saying...a photo is worth a gazillion words.


The commercial...



The Future Belongs To The BOLD

Through the years we have always prompted our readers to be unique, remarkable, disruptive, connect dots, and in your way to be BOLD.

Back in the day...way back in the day. You stepped up to the plate, made a decision, owned the decision, enjoyed the win, or endured the consequences. Today folks take out Powerpoints, tables, spreadsheets, torture data to create a multi faceted buffer replacing stepping up to the plate.

A white paper from Deloitte that resonates with what we have been saying for years.




Save My "You Know What"

Have you ever noticed how much imagination and energy is consumed in the process of a last instant effort to presumably avert a deep yogurt situation?

Its fascinating in a context of presumed transparency what humans will resort to, invent, verbalise, to come out of a yogurt situation. Invariably it becomes a game of taking care of #1, mine before yours, lets see how I can come out ahead of this yogurt situation.

Human Nature

Its a constant that in some ways human nature does not change, the primal instinct to save your bacon is alive and well in 2016. Its adapted to modern realities, the presumed transparency, and the ensuing scheming veiled in transparency.


Especially in a business environment, when the shit hits the fan, its duck and immediately head for cover. Invariably in the same business environment, someone has aspirations of being ahead, while someone else is obviously left behind.


All the talk of teams here, there, and all over the place. Its a cohesive team when its all going gang busters. The moment a yogurt situation appears, the team becomes a prop to saving a bacon here, and hanging another bacon much for transparency, let alone integrity.

Someone comes out ahead, while another takes a shot.


Take a moment...

As you take it a little easier during the Dog Days of Summer, reflect on what folks do to save their bacon in a transparent environment, empowered by technology.

Also reflect on the individual in the back of the room observing the human behavior, and scheming.





Excellent Sheep

The other day we were reading an opinion on higher education...the term "excellent sheep" cropped up. can agree or disagree, you are entitled to your opinion.

Is the auto business especially at the retail level generating, and perpetuating a flock of excellent sheep?

Reflect on this for a moment.

We surely don't have all the answers, but when you consider benchmarks here, best practices there, the usual pedestrian knowledge being disseminated over and over.

You have to wonder!

Here is the thing, at a time of big data, curating big data, seeking the next big or small advantage.

Being an excellent sheep surely has its advantages, you quietly fall in line with the flock, and are doing the same things everyone else is doing. Following the same benchmarks, guidelines, reviewing the same data.

There is a sense of security... can be an excellent sheep among the flock, and it might provide you enough of an advantage. Or what you think is an advantage...and obvious a sense of security.

Perhaps you will need to break out of the flock, be a disrupter, reconceptualise the data, and strategy. To gain an additional advantage.

You need to be keenly aware of the "guy in the back of the room" that is observing the "flock of sheep".




Success Now What?

A fascinating, thought provoking read...



Guilds and Social Media

You surely remember reading about the myriad of "guilds" that existed a few centuries ago?

If you look around you, you will uncover traces of medieval guilds in the age of social media. Agreed...some vestiges of guilds that disseminate meaningful knowledge remain a positive influence in 2015.

Lets take a look at a 2015 guild, and yes you can fill in your own names.

The guild of XYZ is comprised of abc members who are all engaged in the activity of making/selling/servicing/advising on the particular widget. The guild has its own rules and regulations to ensure that the members don't step out of line, and offer value to customers.

The guild has its own publication to communicate with its members, and control the message.

Anyone who favorably serves or accomodates the guild is drawn into the inner circle.

Looking around you, you will quickly notice medieval guilds in 2015.

The reality...with social media each customer is becoming a "guild of 1" empowered and enabled.

The other reality...the established guilds are inexorably becoming detached from the "customer".

Look at enterprises that are not part of a guild, with activites that do not support guild like behavior. While treating the customer as a guild of 1.

What do you think?




How Google Works

Though provoking...





If you remember we started the year with a mention of assholes.

At a time of increased transparency, emphasis on teamwork, assholes are more rampant than ever, which gets one wondering....

A couple of asshole species we have bumped into lately.

1- Have no clue what I'm doing:

This individual knows all the acronyms, possesses surface knowledge gleaned from a myriad of seminars, and has an aggressive tongue to protect the vacuum behind the facade.

This individual has all the glib answers and no understanding. Since they have all the answers their capacity to learn and understand is minuscule at best.

Accompanied by posturing that its all under control, while they are inexorably sinking in their own (you know what).

2- Save my ass:

This form of asshole..ism is pervasive, and empowered by technology.

It goes like this " I don't have enough intestinal fortitude to step up to the issue..."   "Lets see how events develop, and who I can nudge under the bus to save my sorry ass"

If businesses needs to be nimble, flexible, creative, and fast to thrive in the current business world, assholes have the same traits to protect and save their asses.

Agreed...its an unrelenting circle that is in perpetual motion.