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Discovery-The Last Ride

The last time up...

A different perspective...




Sometimes it Rolls your Way

Here's the deal....returning from the Explorer Winter Experience.


I'm so sure that I have a 2:45 PM flight out of Quebec City that I don't even bother to double check on the ticket ( should check).


Nice drive from La Malbaie with 3 others to Quebec City's Jean Lesage Airport, the rear seat of the 2011 Explorer is accommodating with excellent leg room (sitting in the back). 


The plan is to drop off the Explorer at a designated area at the airport, simple. Until we reach the airport, the designated area is not there, and there is no one there. The other folks have a 2:15 PM flight (yes its my flight too), and not wanting to miss their flight, they get out at the departure area. While I make another attempt at finding the area and an individual to drop off the Explorer. 


When it rolls your way...


[] I find an helpful parking security guard that guides me to the designated area, no one is there, and all the other Explorers are gone, park the Explorer, made a call to advise where the Explorer is located, and who will have the keys.


[] Waiting for a return call from another individual to confirm who will have the keys.


[] The security guard is kind enough to give me a ride closer to the departure area (yes...kindness is free).


[] Its all cool 2:45 PM flight.


[] Cannot get a boarding pass from the automated machine.


[] Go to the desk..."Sir you enjoy living dangerously, we closed this flight 5 minutes ago"...its like 1:50 PM how can you close a 2:45 flight so early "Sir its a 2:15 PM flight and we close a flight 30 minutes before departure".


[] Yes..we were all on the same plane, except that I detoured through a parking lot, security guard, phone calls (kindness is free).


[] When it rolls your way, zoomed through security without a "beep", and got on the plane without waiting....all cool.


[] When you reach Toronto in mid afternoon, after spending time driving through impressive scenery with sparse traffic...enjoying the Explorer...yes its a shock.

Wood Brothers

The legendary Wood Brothers with Trevor Bayne driving #21 qualifying for the Daytona 500
Yes...they Won the race.

Bentley in Snow

Snow...Bentley...AWD...still slipping and sliding




Motus MST

Motus on the dyno...

In case you missed it...the engine



Camaro ZL1

Yes...its worth a ton of words



The Rocky Story

Time well spent...



Bloodhound SSC

Cool video, and all the information on the car
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