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Auto Entertainement

A wonderful story, with compelling photos of the 1969 24 Hours at Daytona. Fascinating to read and see photos of how racing was 40 years ago...Click.

A Barracuda and an Enzo going fast...Click.

Some good sounding Porsche's...Click.



Vro9m Ro9m 

Good Morning!

How do you drive with 2 steering wheels?Its espresso this morning, double with a touch of sugar, and our usual biscotti.

Do you remember when Fritz Henderson was being presented as the "interim CEO" of GM what did it mean? A few days ago we all found out what it meant. The press conference announcing the "resignation" seemed hasty, and ill organised (yes we are being kind).

Perhaps the board of directors finally understood that selling GMAC was not such a good idea (now we are being very kind), you can draw your own conclusions.

Could it be, the board of directors is acknowledging that good/competitive product is no longer enough, everybody has good product, its not a big deal anymore to have good product, its simply the price to play.

It will be interesting, and informative to follow the saga at GM in the coming months. 

In light of the developments at GM, take the time to listen to Hal Sperlich, its priceless.

Our entry on Transmissions generated compelling comments.

In an age of Social Media, and at least some transparency you have to wonder who was guiding Tiger Woods during difficult times? We are all human, we can all step on a "banana peel" at one time or another. Tiger's banana peel has turned into a quick moving water slide headed for some ......(fill in the blank).

Canadian sales are holding up very well with record months for some manufacturers. When you see same month comparisons to the previous year, keep in mind that in Canada November 2008 was 10% down from November 2007. Just saying....

If you followed the Los Angeles Auto Show on Twitter, it was quick, and immediately informative. The Koreans are inexorably impressing more, and more people. 

Have you noticed that after someone gets "sacked" he was always a "good guy" and everyone has an opinion on how to fix the problem...go figure! 

Do you remember Austin-Healey's? Are you a fan? A wonderful photo gallery.

One of our Twitter friends @sloppymccheese restores Porsche's especially 356's, visit his flickr page, we just love the bent connecting rod.


In case you missed it, how could you, just in case you did! We started our mini "Thoughts Series" that will be ongoing in December, Auto Industry and Thoughts on Cars are the first entries. We welcome your thoughts!

Make it a point to follow the series we are certain that you will find it interesting, informative, and thought provoking.




Boxster Spyder

As we always say a video is the "retro lettering" on the car.

The Porsche press release:



Purist roadster is more powerful, more efficient, more extreme –
and will be the lightest Porsche when it goes on sale in March


MISSISSAUGA – November 5, 2009 --- Porsche AG will introduce the lightest, most powerful and most extreme version yet of the Boxster at the Los Angeles Motor Show in December. Weighing just 1,275 kg, the mid-engined Boxster Spyder is in fact the lightest Porsche model, representing the traditional Porsche sports car values of light weight, efficient performance, nimble handling and open-air driving pleasure.


The Boxster Spyder’s formula is derived from Porsche’s most successful road-going sports and racing cars, like the legendary 550 Spyder and the open-cockpit RS Spyder Le Mans prototype. It continues Porsche’s philosophy of homologating race cars for the road, reflecting a common wish expressed by Porsche customers.


The new member of the Boxster family was developed first and foremost for driving in the open air. The low-slung, lightweight manual soft top extends in a seductive sweep to the rear. When closed, its silhouette, together with the extra-low side windows and the two striking bulges on the single-piece rear decklid, is reminiscent of the Carrera GT supercar.


More power than the Boxster S, significantly less weight, a lower centre of gravity and an all-new sports suspension give the Boxster Spyder the driving dynamics to back up its looks. Power comes from a 3.4-litre six-cylinder with Direct Fuel Injection mounted in front of the rear axle. Maximum output is 320 bhp, 10 bhp more than in the Boxster S.


Equipped with Porsche’s PDK double-clutch gearbox and the Sports Chrono Package, the new Spyder accelerates from a standstill to 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds, while fuel consumption is a mere 9.3 L/100 km on the New European Driving Cycle. Top track speed is 267 km/h with the roof open.


In terms of its fundamental concept, the entire Boxster family is the spiritual successor to the legendary 550 Spyder, built back in 1953. Both models share the same mid-engine roadster concept, low weight and supreme agility. The 550 Spyder was the first sports car that Porsche developed specifically for racing, but which was also homologated for the road. Weighing just 550 kg, the 550 Spyder scored numerous victories on race circuits and in the road races so popular at the time; it was followed by other extremely successful Porsche Spyders such as the 718 RS 60 in 1960.


Like its racy exterior, the interior of the Boxster Spyder is stripped-down and focused purely on driving pleasure. Automatic climate control and a radio are optional, while the standard sport bucket seats feature a lightweight design with carbon-fibre shell and larger side bolsters. Fabric door pulls, like in the 911 GT3 RS, replace the traditional door handles.


Unlike the special-edition 550 Spyder and RS60 Spyder models introduced in 2004 and 2008, the new Boxster Spyder is a regular production model, despite its far-reaching design and technical changes from the Boxster S.


The Porsche Boxster Spyder will go on sale in February 2010, at a base price of $72,900.



Trading Paint

Its worth your time, a high energy and extreme emotions exchange between the Corvette and Porsche, trading paint, glowing brake rotors, the ending is EPIC.



Porsche GT3 RS

This is very cool....and informative.