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Auto Entertainement

A wonderful story, with compelling photos of the 1969 24 Hours at Daytona. Fascinating to read and see photos of how racing was 40 years ago...Click.

A Barracuda and an Enzo going fast...Click.

Some good sounding Porsche's...Click.



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Good Morning!

We have cappuccino, and biscotti make yourself comfortable. 

Not to brag or honk our horn, we have been saying for countless months "the Canadian consumer is trading up and trading down in 2009". We were saying this when a myriad of pundits were expressing a myriad of opinions to literally cover all the angles. At the same time the automotive industry does not endure a vacuum for a long time. In addition we still wonder how come a certain Japanese manufacturer is still dormant?

Now that the "trading down" is a done deal for 2009 (we are almost in the middle of December) the folks at Hyundai are expressing their thoughts

You may have noticed that this month we are expressing our thoughts on a variety of issues that caught our attention during the year (its easy just scroll down). At times we enlist The Colonel for a different perspective. We invite you to share your thoughts just leave a comment. 

Are you seeking an original gift for the consummate gearhead? Send them a link, or print it out and give them a hard copy. The Nordschleife Line is a turn by turn guide....need we say more!

Do you know someone that needs a serious rotary combine? Presenting the New Holland CR9090.

Where you around when Citroen SM's were introduced? The SM was a technological "tour de force" in its time, an informative story of SM's. Why are we talking about SM's this morning, you know the guy (Colonel) that got stuck in the Suburban, he was telling us that he leased an SM to a friend. Perhaps one day he will tell us the SM story.

If you have had an interest in Ferrari's for a few years, you probably remember reading about N.A.R.T. competition Ferrari's. For many years Luigi Chinetti was the official Ferrari importer for North America, and N.A.R.T. is short for North American Racing Team, yes it was Chinetti's racing team at the time. An informative article and photo gallery of a recent gathering in Saratoga

Overdrive was/is The Voice of the American Trucker before cellular phones and PC, and the rest of the technology. When truckers were shifting RTO-9513's, and keeping an 8V-71 within the narrow 400 RPM band...Overdrive was required reading, its still around online.

While we are talking about trucks, Custom Rigs is totally cool, with comprehensive videos. 

Did you know, sure you knew the Toronto Motorcycle Show opens today.




Ferrari Factory

Go for a tour...



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Good Morning!

Its Friday, its after Labour Day, are we back to reality? Yes....its Capuccino this morning.

Do you remember where you were 8 years ago on this date?

Was it last year that we collectively started experiencing the economic thrashing? Is it over? Not really! Everyone is working on it one way or another, and its marginally better, and we are getting used to it.

You may have can search our entire blog try it.

Is the Frankfurt Auto Show an immense "green fest" with several manufacturers subscribing to the mantra that "mine is greener than yours". It will be interesting to see who emerges with the "big green one".

First its was the F458 Italia, yes we feel that the car arouses passion, then after numerous leaks from "bootleg" photos to official, the 300SLR breaks cover "officially"....its an interesting car. Not to be outdone McLaren unveils the replacement for the F1 the MP4-12C.

Ferrari understands their DNA, the F458 follows through, the others the jury is out. Which one arouses your emotions? 

Jay Leno with the MP4-12C...this is cool.

Is GM going to sell or keep Opel? Is it a real deal with Magna this time? What are your thoughts?

In the meantime Saab is a done deal to Koenigsegg with backing from BAIH (Chinese) and Volvo is being coveted by Geely (Chinese).

MV Agusta is testing their 675cc 3 cylinder bike, known as the F3, take a look. Yes...its Italian, but a photo is worth a thousand words. A quick run down on the specs, 657cc 3 cyl, 140HP at 14,000 RPM, with a weight of 160 kg (do the math) not available yet, perhaps sometime in 2010.

When it was simpler and easier to start an F1 car....take a look.

Have you heard of Terminal Man

Did you know? There is a Tesla Roadster in Toronto? Its displayed at the Manulife Centre (55 Bloor St. West) in front of the William Ashley store. The photo gallery of the Tesla.




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Good Morning! 

Join the discussion, we have caffe latte and biscotti, enjoy!

"You can give a man no finer or more flattering gift."July sales numbers were released a few days ago, its fascinating to see the usual opinions, comments, and usage of hard drives to disseminate information. As we have been saying for several months now, in Canada its not bad at all, perhaps even good considering the economic turmoil.

Can anyone tell us why the Cash for Clunker program in the US is irritating so many pundits while making a bunch of dealers happy, generating business, lowering inventories, and taking some clunkers off the roads. The challenge might be to find a direction after the Cash for Clunker program expires.

Is it official that the Canadian consumer is a "deal seeker" or is the jury still out? When you see some of the models that are selling like "hot cakes" in Canada it must be the deal more than the vehicle. In addition some manufacturers are taking an aggressive position in creating customers, selling vehicles. Other manufacturers seem to be taking a wait and see strategy.

Have you noticed...the manufacturers that abruptly pulled out of leasing some months ago, are finally realising that leasing is an intrinsic part of the financial services of the automotive landscape in North America. Its encouraging to see a belated rebirth of leasing. 

We often mention that consumers are empowered by technology, this past week the 7 year old driving the family in the CUV on YouTube was a statement of empowerment. Especially after the media seeking a good story captured the moment. 

Before we forget, if you made some serious money recently, tell us how you did it, and you can get a slightly vintage Ferrari F1 V10 engine for a few euros...take a look.

Want to stay updated on the annual Management Briefing Seminar held in Traverse City....Day 1....Day 2 with Akio Toyoda and Day 3.

Yes you can make your own wallpaper.

Results of the RM Auction at Meadow Brook, interesting cars look at the prices

Exclusive online auction starting at noon on August 9 by RM Auctions. Take a moment to review the vehicles offered for sale.