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Happy New Year


Our Best Wishes

for the

New Year

to you and yours.




Wave Around the Planet

Here is the deal!

Yesterday evening in a "Twitter moment" we quickly concluded that Google Wave is some sort of communication tool, seems everyone is on Wave, whether its activated or not, and everyone has a wave address.

Here's the thing!

For 2010 it would be totally cool to have a Happy New Year Google Wave go around the planet. We would like to circle the planet with a Wave. We just concluded the first decade of a new century, and are starting another decade...its a cool way to start a new decade with a Wave around the planet.

How will it get done?

I surely do not have all the answers yet, if you are a Wave expert (perhaps you work for Google) would you give us a hand to get a Wave to go around the planet for the New Year. 

Why do it?

Its cool, its doable, its a memorable way to start a New Decade. Take a moment to connect humanity for a moment.

Express your intentions by leaving message at: or a comment here on the blog, or a DM on Twitter @stradablog

Even easier

If you have a Wave account, The Wave is public access take a look makes it even easier for you to join.