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Vro8m Ro8m

Good Morning....

Tiger.jpgFirst Vro8m Ro8m of 2008! Is the Friday Vroom Room becoming a fixture? It certainly seems as if its an ongoing fixture. If you are new, and are wondering what the Vroom Room is all about....its very simple, imagine a comfortable place where you can sit, enjoy, relax, have a cappuccino, and review the week.

Its a place to be serious, light hearted, have some fun, exude some passion.

That's the Friday Vroom Room!

The tiger....? As you know The Colonel is our designated blogger, he is fascinated by tigers.



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PS: The Motorcycle Show at the International Centre starts today...Click Here.

PPS: The Dakar Rallye starts tomorrow....Click Here.

Have a wonderful week end.



Just Business 1/3

Lead.jpgIts part of our mission statement.

Its excellent advice, a robust resolution for 2008 just in case you were looking for additional input. Not that we would be so presumptuous to tell you what to do.

Its compelling, and humbling to LEAD.

2008 is all about THINK BIG and LEAD.






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Just Business 1/2

Think-Big.jpgWhat better way to start a New Year! Do we really need to say more? Our Best Wishes for Health, Happyness, Peace, and Prosperity.

We hope you had wonderful holidays with your family and friends, we do wish you the very best for this coming year, and we are sure that you too will think big.

Stretch...reach for your aspirations...make your dreams a reality....yes THINK BIG.

2008 is a THINK BIG year!




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