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We are sure that you had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends. 

During last few days of the year, we tend to get introspective, look back and then look ahead, its part of human nature. Its a process of winding down one year, and one decade, and winding up for a new year, and decade. 

Think about this, the last time we were winding up for a new decade, was also a new century. A bit of perspective!

We do hope that you have taken or will at least take a few moments to be thankful for what you have, and express gratitude. Be thankful, appreciative, especially when we have to stretch a little harder it seems to achieve what we really want. Yes...we all have a BHG (big hairy goal), whatever it is for you, and whatever you need to do to make it happen.

Perhaps one common theme of this year or almost last year. We all pushed the reset button. Think about it, some folks reset higher, other lower, in one way or another we all reset.

Was 2009 the push the reset button year? What do you think?

Being your own editor! How often have we mentioned that you have to be your own editor to deal with the vast amount of information that is disseminated. You can easily get carried away in a tsunami of information, and opinions, coming from a variety of directions. 

Was 2009 the being your own editor year? Your thoughts?

Did the North American auto industry undergo changes? What an understatement, what was is no longer, and what will be is still a work in progress. In the meantime the auto industry abhors a vacuum, some players too advantage of the vacuum, with other players being sucked in (the black hole). In addition to emerging areas of the planet gaining momentum, and prominence out of the vacuum.

Was 2009 merely the tip of the iceberg of "changes" in the auto industry? Your thoughts?

With all the buzz surrounding social media, and literally touching every aspect of our lives in one fashion or another in 2009. Did we conveniently forget that we are still human beings, that we are 2000 generations old, that we share common DNA markers that have not changed in 2000 generations. It seems that the social media online connections, reinforce or disconnect when they evolve into eyeball to eyeball connection. Does The No Ass Hole Rule still apply?

Was 2009 the year that social media started morphing into social networks? Your thoughts? 

We can keep on going, but each in our own way experienced and endured changes in 2009. We do hope that at least some changes were productive for you, that you learned some valuable, and memorable lessons. We did! 


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Reader Comments (2)

You pose some wonderful questions for reflection here Tino. Did everyone reset in 2009, or is January 1st occasion to push that button every year? We can start over, but it's important to bear in mind the experiences we had in the previous year. To blindly reset would be to blindly repeat the past over and over again. An existential 3000rpm FWD clutch drop on snow if you will.

These are exciting times and I feel it's important that we all work together to move ahead.
Wednesday, December 30, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterBrian Driggs
We collectively got "reset" in 2009 in one fashion or another. Most, if not all pension funds got "reset", GM shareholders got "reset", the stock market got "reset", many jobs got "reset", the auto industry got "reset". That is what I mean by getting "reset", we could call it a "splash of cold water" in some cases it must have been a serious icy cold shower.

Hopefully we all saw some rays of sunshine through the dark clouds.
Wednesday, December 30, 2009 | Registered CommenterStrada

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