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Friday Vroom Room

Good Morning!

difference.bmpLast day of the month, and what a month...Oh Yes! One of those...don't go there and don't of those.

This article in Business Week, and the video of Randy Pausch's last lecture puts it all in perspective...Click Here.


When a prospect or customer approaches us to do a transaction we always explore all the possibilities, and we always make an effort to try and do a deal. We are probably a little too diligent in trying so hard to earn business. This week we were on the other side, we had our customer shoes on, and it was surprising if not outright shocking to see the seller take a "cavalier" position, and disseminate a layer of you know what.

It was one of those! Whatever we tried to "put together" this month simply did not want to "come together" it was a precious experience. 

If you are wondering why we are conservative with our inventory of vehicles? We are being patient, a few weeks ago we developed our own strategy to deal with the turbulence in the automotive market in general. This report will give you an overview...Click Here.

Have a wonderful week end.



Just Business 11/29

59_chevy%20rust.jpgEver wonder about John DeLorean and DMC?

We think this 52 minute video will be of interest to you, its a documentary of John DeLorean and his car...Click Here.

From the New York Time and informative article on restoring old cars...Click Here.






Just Business 11/28

glacier.jpgJust in case you completely overlooked the Think Verde section of our blog?....Click Here.

Try our Search Feature with information that you are seeking, you might be pleasantly surprised...Click Here.







Just Business 11/27

599%20GTO%20red.jpgIn case you missed it, we did an informative dialogue on Horsepower...Click Here.

Pirelli has a new motorcycle tire called Diablo Rosso, this is a cool video especially if you appreciate bikes...Click Here.








Just Business 11/26

chaparral%20garage.jpgIs this the last Monday of the month? Sure looks like it...

A few months ago we did a dialogue on Perceptions, its a good idea to revisit this dialogue in light of all the events that have transpired this month...Click Here.

From Business Week take a look, and take advantage of all the free stuff that is available on the Internet...Click Here.

Yes, we are in the car business...




Friday Vroom Room

Good Morning...

Just in case you never looked, or always missed it, or are concerned, or want to do something. Take a look at our Car2byStrada  concept...Click Here.

A subject that is close to everyone's heart, Saving Money...Click Here.

This captures the moment...



Have a wonderful week end.

Yes, we are in the car business...