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Friday Vroom Room

Our First Vroom Room of 2007...

Its memorable, our first Vroom Room of the year, our 100th day of blogging, "The Colonel" is our designated blogger. Have a seat, enjoy a virtual espresso or capuccino for the occasion.

Did you miss it? Here is our review of Strada in 2006, and our plans for 2007. Do you know of another dealer that communicates their plans?

There is a captivating coverage of the Chaparral 2E in Winding Road. Its the recreation of a 40 year old race car, the videos are informative. If you are a certain age you would remember this car in Can Am races, you might have gone to a Can Am race, and seen the battles between Jim Hall and Bruce McLaren.

The Detroit Auto Show opens to the press,and media this coming Sunday, Autoweek has a preview of vehicles from the show. The Dakar starts tomorrow.

How did The Colonel survive, and what did he learn after 100 days of blogging? He survived since he's still blogging, mind you he burned a few late night Xenons to keep up, and generate informative posts.

What did we learn? The unique visitor count is increasing, we must be doing something right, we are disappointed for the lack of comments, but hopeful that comments will come. We think we know the automotive business, blogging obliges us to articulate, and communicate in a simple, and elegant fashion. We hope that we are simple, and elegant in our comments!

The Colonel is in the car business, he is passionate about the car business, blogging is way for The Colonel to articulate his knowledge base, share his passion, help customers get better value, to make it easy, simple, elegant to do business with Strada.

We have not finalised our decision as to how often we will make entries on this blog, in the interim we will continue with a daily entry.

Take a look at this development, when will something like this get done in Canada.

This is the annual KPMG Global Auto Executive Survey, take a look it will give you an indication of where the global automotive industry is headed.

From Winding Road go for a drive with Mike Hawthorne in a D Type Jaguar, this is a priceless clip, truly memorable.

Have a wonderful week end.



Comments 2007

What's the Plan...?

In this business every player has a plan, and every plan is better than the competitors plan. Its the time for the spreadsheet and powerpoint jockeys to fine tune the presentations, to facilitate the alignment of the group think.

Our plan at Strada is simple, and elegant. We will enhance the value proposition that we offer our customers, raise the level of customer experience. Generate results for ourselves so that we may continue doing what we love, and enjoy.

Customers are an essential, and intrinsic part of our business. In case you missed it we did a dialogue on + Customers.

Do we really have to tell you that everyone has plans, goals, strategies, tactics, levers, tools, niches, visions...which are superior to the win the upcoming battles, and wars in the marketplace for 2007. 

As a customer or prospective customer if you are considering a purchase or lease in 2007, your plan is to get the utmost value for your money. Your strategy is to cut across the sizzle to get the most substance, to quickly discern the low value short term market stimulants from the actual high value substance.

Its your choice to be empowered as a primitive hunter gatherer of information in Web 1.0 mode, and be easely influenced by market stimulants or to become a leading edge Web 2.0 user who seeks substance, and value for your money.

In case you missed it...our perspective on Web / Blogging 2.0 .


Strada = Selected Auto = Enhanced Value = Simple Transaction



Comments 2007

Its 2007 Big Deal...

At Strada 2007 is a big deal, its our first full calendar year.

In the Automotive Business the start of a new year is always a Big Deal, concluding the previous year as a king, a pauper or anything in between. A new year is the equaliser, a fresh start with high hopes, expectations for everybody.

In retail automotive its a question of how much momentum is being carried over, after a slowdown that starts couple of weeks before Christmas. There are different perspectives on how to carry momentum from the previous year, or create additional momentum for the new year.

Most dealers will have adjusted the cost of certain used vehicles for their year end, its known as writing down. They are motivated to sell these written down vehicles  quickly in the new year, its part of the business cycle.

Its also the time to start renewing the passion that we have for the business. The Holiday rush, and the year end have a tendency of diverting energy from the business. At the start of a new year the passion gets energised.

That special vehicle for the spring! This is the time to start executing the wish list. In case you are looking, we just received a 2004 BMW 645Ci Cabriolet, with a rare SMG transmission. The throttle blipping on a down shift is priceless!

At Strada 2007 is a Big Deal for us...

It should be a Big Deal for you too, since YOU are the Time Person of the Year.

Lets give each other a hand to turn 2007 into a really Big Deal, and we will all be ahead.



Comments 2007

Comments 2007...

We hope that you spent time with your family, and friends during the Holidays, had a good time, and hopefully did not gain any weight. If you enjoyed good food, good wine, and a good cigar even better.

The start of a new year is always exciting, filled with a sense of expectations. In the automotive business we are always, and constantly optimistic about the future. This optimistic outlook has not changed over the years. If we would not be optimistic, and bullish it would not be the car business. Its always the other guy that is going to take a hit!

Analysts are forecasting a minor slowdown of new vehicle sales in North America, and obvious Canada for 2007. At some point the pundits will start expressing their opinions regarding this anticipated slowdown. It will be interesting to see the winners, and losers, and how it all develops in the ensuing 12 months.

We expect 2007 to generate improved results for Strada, and enhanced value for our customers. We have plans, goals, ideas that we are anxious to execute in 2007.

This anticipated slowdown will have silver linings which will provide opportunities for us, and value for our customers. If you have been following our blog we have been discussing several trends which have caught our attention, and will influence 2007.

It will be 100 days on January 6, 2007 that we are blogging. We are considering doing a weekly blog, and our Friday Vroom Room. We welcome your opinion.

The blog for this year is Dialogue...2007.

This is a Dialogue we did on How to Find a Pre Owned Vehicle, we hope that it saves you money on your next purchase, that you find it informative, that it saves you time.

A few stats on the number unique visitors to this blog: Oct 236 - Nov 403 - Dec 517, the number of visitors has been increasing which is gratifying for us, and hopefully has been informative for you.


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