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Friday Vroom Room

Good Morning...

We experienced snow this past week, truly a Canadian winter in the making. For some reason when we were younger, smaller, children there was always a lot of snow.

We have communicated our passion for the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, its one of those, some cars the first time you see them its WOW, and article from Winding Road...Click Here.

Which vehicle colours are the most popular in North America? Every year Dupont does a Global Colour Popularity Report, for the first time White and Pearl White have surpassed Silver.


Photo from The Economist

Have a wonderful week end.



Just Business 12/6

Are you looking for a unique automotive gift take a look at the The Memorabilia Experience .

The motorcycle show opens tomorrow at the Metro Convention Centre



Years ago same as was hectic at this time of year....



The Pirelli calendar has become notorious through the years.....Click Here.



Just Business 12/5

bargains.bmpWe do have very aggressive prices on our cars...




May we urge you to take advantage of our AGGRESSIVE PRICES!


If you have been seeking a sound system that is truly unique and can make a statement comparable to a grand piano the Steinway Model D is for you...Click Here. For the brochure...Click Here.




Just Business 12/4

In case you did not notice we have aggressively adjusted our prices for the Holiday Season, take advantage of these savings.

A thought provoking article from Elegant Solutions...Click Here.


Its a futuristic motorcycle from 1947...


Print from Plan 59



The Motorcycle Show starts this Friday at the Metro Convention Centre if you are into bikes make it a point to visit...Click Here.



Just Business - 12/3

We are down to earth, and prefer the old saying of "don't tell me, show me" but every so often we do need to bring attention to ourselves.

As we have often mentioned our blog is filled with free information, knowledge, advice, and opinions. At the same time its a well kept secret for many people.

We are in the automotive business, and the Canadian pricing when our dollar was gaining value caught our attention since it was a watershed event that had not been seen or experienced in over 30 years.

The Colonel started a dialogue titled Wash Out, its an informative dialogue that gives a glimpse to how automotive transactions are converted to cash, and how lease returns are converted to cash.

This dialogue led to a One on One article with Michael Vaughan of the Globe and Mail which generated numerous votes and comments. After this article by coincidence one manufacturer starts talking about "fair Canadian prices", others are emboldened to talk about residual values, its been interesting to see all the coincidences after that article was published.

This past week Carlos Gomes published his Global Auto Report which talks about lease returns, residual values, and used vehicle values.

It must all be coincidences....may we suggest that you take a few minutes to read our blog, and please tell your friends.



Its December

Its December, its Saturday.....

What is this engine?....If you know tell us, leave a comment.


Hint - Its Supercharged