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Friday Vroom Room

Good Morning...!

In case you missed it, we have a comprehensive photo gallery of the Motorcycle Show.

What is going on the car business? It seems to be quiet this month, and it does make sense that it would be subdued.

An upcoming trend is to modify sport and naked bikes which might just be an alternative to what we know as choppers. Take a look at a Ducati Hypermotard modified by Roland Sands...Click Here.

From MotorAuthority (one of our links) go for a tour of Porsche Leipzig, its a cool 7 minute video...Click Here.

Have a wonderful week end.



Just Business 12/13

john%20force.jpgHere is a recent photo of John Force, he is doing better, and we wish him the best. John had a gathering at his shop on Dec 2....Click Here.

John is an intrinsic part of the sport.

If you have been following drag racing and hot rodding for some time, and remember Tommy Ivo, Lil' John Buttera, Don Prudhomme, Roland Leong, Ed Mc Culloch...take a look at this...Click Here.






Check our prices, compare...we have aggressive prices to do business.


Just Business 12/12

wazmorality.jpgThis is an informative, and thought provoking article from Time entitled What Makes Us Moral...Click Here.

Take the Morality Quiz...Click Here.




One has to wonder or be completely bewildered by the various accusations that have emerged from the F1 Circus this past year. When the FIA needs to bring out, and attempt to enforce the various sections pertaining to sportsmanship, and sportsman behavior. What is really going on behind the scenes of F1?




Just Business 12/11

If you have an affinity or a passion for Blues, you are familiar with Fender and Gibson guitars, since the majority of blues artists use one these guitars, you can leave us a comment as to who uses which guitar.

Gibson just launched the Robot Guitar, its a Les Paul with added features and technology.


Take a look at the features of the guitar...Click Here   

The tuning video will impress you...Click Here.

We were at the Toronto Motorcycle Show we have a photo gallery...Click Here.


Just Business 12/10

This past week we have experienced snow, cold, more snow, its a Canadian winter!

If you heard of, or remember Can Am races, or are of an age that actually saw these races as a spectator it was a memorable experience. We stumbled on these videos of a 1967 race there are 2 parts....Part 1....and Part 2....Enjoy!






Just Business 12/8

Last saturday we featured a photo of the Corvette ZR1 motor with a supercharger.

Today go for a ride in a Corvette ZR1 at Laguna Seca...Click Here.

The car on the track...Click Here.