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Friday Vroom Room

Good Morning....yes we will be away for a few days!

We wish you a Merry Christmas have a great time with your family, friends, and that Santa Claus makes a generous visit to your house.


Photo from AllPosters


This photo caught our attention




We posted photos of the engine, here is the car...2009 ZR1



From Inside Line read about the car, look at the photo gallery, its an impressive car...Click Here 




Just Business 12/20

hemi%20dart%20motor.jpgDo you remember or would like to know what a Hemi Dart was all about? Yes...they were fast! Take a look...Click Here.






Think you know your way around the globe, and can do it quickly? Try Traveler IQ Challenge...Click Here.


Just Business 12/19

Automoblox.jpgIf you are looking for an innovative and different gift have you considered Automoblox? They are cool and creative with an entire series. Take a look...Click Here.






star.jpgDid you know that Mercedes-Benz has a facility in California to deal with "old cars"? You can have your old Mercedes serviced to restored....Click Here.













Just Business 12/18

As we get closer to Christmas and New Year, we have a  tendency to start lurking at what the New Year will bring. The Economist has their usual series of the World in 2008 take a look it might just give you a few additional clues...Click Here.

From Business Week some trends from 2007...Click Here.

We hope these get your thought process going as you take a few days off, to enjoy your family and friends.


winter%20road.jpgA slide show of a simpler time...Click Here.




Ruf 12/17

RUF_Logo.jpgDo you remember comparisons test of very fast cars and whenever a Porsche was part of the comparison there was usually mention of Alois Ruf and a Porsche modified by Ruf would usually blow the doors of most cars.

That you are a Porsche fan or not, you have to give credit to Alois Ruf for building totally wicked Porsches especially when several other companies are also in the Porsche modification business. For some reason a Ruf was always a few steps ahead.

We urge you to take the time to look at these fascinating videos describing the past and present of Ruf narrated by Alois Ruf with additional comments by Paul Frere...Part 1....Part 2....Part 3...Part 4



Snow 12/16

Its relaxing to see snow come down on a Sunday, and hopefully everyone has nowhere to go, they can stay home and watch the snow and think of Bing Crosby and his immortal song "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas".

For the folks that have to be out and about, thanks for your efforts.



Enjoy the snow, the malls are probably opened, its an excellent day to catch up on your shopping, an opportunity to put your SUV to good use and test its snow capabilities if you decide to go out.

Good thing that its Sunday, we can be cool and enjoy the snow...