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Friday Vroom Room - Year End

Good Morning!

2007 for us was captivating, and stimulating, we are thankful for achieving most of our goals and objectives. We had memorable moments, as well as moments that were less memorable. Its all part of life and business!

We executed our strategies, developed opportunities, acted quickly, got passionate, even emotional, tried to have fun, a few times we were flat footed which is a learning process. Did we constantly come up with flawless decisions, we sure tried!

We always try to make it simple, if its not simple we try harder to make it simple.

We never forget to offer good value, and be certain that we were offering a good price.

Change, on top of more change was a constant, it was always interesting and exciting to do business. Overall the level of excitement was good.

Some days we ask ourselves why we do this? Its always a simple answer we love the car business, we love interacting with customers, we love executing new ideas. Its a passion that is challenging to translate into words. We do need to make some money to pay our expenses. Its increasingly challenging to make reasonable money to pay our bills, does it sound like you heard this before?

This blog is our way to give back, to communicate information, to share our thoughts, to exchange ideas, and best of all its free.

We did several "white papers" throughout the year relating to the automotive business, we hope that you found them informative, thought provoking, and more important that you could benefit from the knowledge.

We invite you to keep on reading and participating on our blog, the version for next year is Dialogue...2008 , if you appreciate the information please tell your friends.

The second half of 2007 has been exciting, eventful, turbulent these are times that cry out for leadership, vision, exceptional and unique learning experience. We do hope that in your own way you have taken advantage of your experiences.

The Canadian dollar reaching parity had seismic effects on Canadian automotive retailing, on the values of cars, at Strada we expressed our opinion, and took a position regarding the pricing of vehicles it started as Wash Out on this blog and progressed as a One on One with Michael Vaughan in the Globe and Mail.

This past year we enjoyed doing business, and interacting with our customers that is a constant that never changes.


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