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You found 48....what do you do?

In your search for the specific model,and year of the vehicle you are looking for 48 showed up on the Auto Trader database.

You only want one, the best one, at the best value proposition for you. Now it gets interesting, this is where most people get confused, frustrated, and start clouding their judgement.

Its actually simple:

You found 48 of the model and year that you are looking for. You want to get the very best that your budget allows, and an idea of the Median Price will give you additional guidance on how much to pay.

You know where the vehicles are located, you have an accurate idea of the median price for this specific vehicle, e mail or call the dealers that have these vehicles, ask the questions that you need answered, and have them e-mail you additional photos, and information on the vehicle.

At Strada do that everyday! We have a photo database for everyone of our vehicles, it makes it simple, and saves a customer time.

If you made inquiries at 3 dealers, the fashion in which these dealers responded to you, will give you an idea of how they conduct business, and if it would meet your expectations.

You have narrowed it down to 3 vehicles at 3 dealers, now which vehicle interests you the most. Start with that one.

An interesting Story and Comments of an individual searching, and buying a used car.


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