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Catch A Mazda 2

Catch a Mazda 2, and get great value...

The offer is expired....

We met Achilles Mazda and had a "Twitter Moment" the story (you have to read the story)

We reviewed a Mazda (its a cool little car, take a moment for the review and photo gallery)

Achilles Mazda of Milton is offering great value to their customers, prospects, our readers, followers, friends, folks that take an interest in our publication. 

We think its great value, and if you think its good value...spread the word, tell your friends!

If you know anyone that is considering a "little car" like a Mazda 2...pass it along!

Achilles Pelitis (the owner) feels that this deal, motivated by a touch of month end March Madness, is so good that its only valid for 72 hours (he's already having second thoughts) starting today Wed March 30 for 3 days.

Here is the deal...Click


Full Disclosure:

This a promotion for Achilles Mazda, we urge you to do your own due diligence, prior to arriving at a decision.

If you have any questions regarding the offer please ask Achilles Mazda.

If you have questions regarding the purchase of a vehicle, please use the comment section, we will gladly assist you.