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Tesla Showroom in Toronto

In case you did not know, we are huge Tesla fans from the early days of Tesla, and you surely know that we have a strong affinity for electric cars.

As we all know Tesla, and Elon Musk are incessently covered by all media for one reason or another. 

In case you did not know, Elon Musk is nominated the # 1 Fortune Business Person of the Year for 2013. 

Needless to mention that when we received an invitation to the grand opening of the newest Tesla Showroom and Service Center in Toronto at 1325 Lawrence East, we could not pass up the opportunity.

The showroom and service department are modern, with numerous glassed areas to augment customer transparency, the sliding doors at the entrance enhance the cool factor. In Tesla tradition simplicity with a touch of sophistication is the main design philosophy. 

The event had an excellent turn out of invited guests. It was also fasciniating to see a myriad of ICE powered luxury vehicles in the guest parking. 

Its fair to say that the Tesla Model S captures the imagination of many luxury car owners.

We had an opportunity to observe the chassis and battery pack of the Model S, including the suspension components. Again sophisticated simplicity comes to mind.

One of the most prominent item of a Model S is the immense screen in the center of the dash. Let alone that the door handles are hyper cool. As you know we have often wondered when the connected car would be fully functional.

Patrick Jones of Tesla graciously took time from his busy evening to give us a "one on one" with the big screen in the center of the dash, and demonstrate what a connected car is all about. Again sophisticated simplicity comes to mind...the folks at Tesla have sweated the details when designing the functionality of the center screen. 

In case you are not familair with the Model S specifications and pricing.

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