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Launching our "Dealers" Section

Must be a paradox the entire Social Autosphere usually prefers to step aside or step away or behave as if they don't exist....unless its folks directly related to providing one service or another to we are launching a new section on dealers

As far as we know most if not all new vehicles are purchased or leased from a franchised new vehicle dealer.

We are not going to tell you who is the best, who has the best deal, by now you know that its not our style....

We are not going to tell you how to buy or lease a vehicle, again its not our style, mind you if you ask a specific question we usually offer a "helping hand"...something to do with our idealistic way of seeing the world.

We will feature dealers that are active in the Social Autosphere, that are cool....

Increasingly we are all evolving into social consumers...we are open to all your suggestions.


We know "something" about cars, trucks, HD trucks, motorcycles, collector cars, our regular readers are well aware that we have a wide spectrum of automotive interests, to uphold our collective (readers too) automotive intellectual sustenance.

Although we have been very discreet, we are profoundly well versed about "dealers", we understand the dealer side (retail) of the industry. Needless to tell you that if we understand dealers, we understand customers too.

The other day we were sitting and throwing ideas around, to see which one would captivate us, and more important captivate our readers, and perhaps initiate a level of engagement.

The more we talked, the more this "dealer" thing captivated us, do we have all the answers of how it will evolve, surely we don't...who does these days?

Just so you know...the one thing we can't stand is the habitual dealer tag lines, you all know what we mean, and the habitual horn honking that some dealers do.... 

At the same time we know, and have a strong gut feel that there are some cool dealers out there. We have encountered some cool dealers, its the reason we know that there are "cool dealers".

Stay tuned...we sincerely hope that you will this project. 


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