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Corvette Tech Session

On Saturday afternoon we attended to the 11th Annual Corvette Tech Session at Wilson Niblett  in case you did not know they are Canada's #1 Corvette dealer...yes they have been selling the most Corvettes for several years now. 

Our thoughts, and what caught our attention in no particular order...

<> Its a tech session, its held in the service area, by now you know that we like service areas, this one was spotless, the entire dealership is spotless...impressive. 

<> An opportunity to see numerous Corvettes...

<> Carl Pickelman, site manager of Wixom (Performance Build Center)...yes where Corvette builds the Z06 engines was present to interface with the guests. 

<> Folks from the Canadian chapter of NCRS were giving a demonstration of the judging criterias applied to collectible Corvettes. 

<> Had an opportunity to see some Callaway Corvettes, since Wilson Niblett is the Canadian Callaway dealer for eastern Canada. 

<> Perused Pfadt suspension components (replacement for the composite transverse srpings with coil overs), adjustable stabiliser bars, it had been a while that we had not lurked under a Corvette raised on a was cool. 

<> An opportunity to see an LS7 on a stand. For a small block Chevrolet fan, these aluminum engines, with monster valves in the heads are always cool to see.

<> Caught a Camaro convertible...for second time up close!

<> Then the Chevrolet Moment (on the 100th anniversary of Chevrolet we are having all sorts of moments) happened when we saw the Z06-X this car caught our attention, and imagination, totally cool. Especially that they started the car, wonderful lopey idle, monster ceramic brake discs, roll cage, rear spoiler, removable steering wheel, satin paint, carbon fiber. In addition to how did it get there in the first place? A reminder of a modern version of Pete's Corvette?

<> The folks at Wilson Niblett are genuine Corvette fans, they exude enthusiasm, and passion for the car, and it shows. Its the passion that makes the difference...

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