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Tesla Showroom in Toronto

In case you did not know, we are huge Tesla fans from the early days of Tesla, and you surely know that we have a strong affinity for electric cars.

As we all know Tesla, and Elon Musk are incessently covered by all media for one reason or another. 

In case you did not know, Elon Musk is nominated the # 1 Fortune Business Person of the Year for 2013. 

Needless to mention that when we received an invitation to the grand opening of the newest Tesla Showroom and Service Center in Toronto at 1325 Lawrence East, we could not pass up the opportunity.

The showroom and service department are modern, with numerous glassed areas to augment customer transparency, the sliding doors at the entrance enhance the cool factor. In Tesla tradition simplicity with a touch of sophistication is the main design philosophy. 

The event had an excellent turn out of invited guests. It was also fasciniating to see a myriad of ICE powered luxury vehicles in the guest parking. 

Its fair to say that the Tesla Model S captures the imagination of many luxury car owners.

We had an opportunity to observe the chassis and battery pack of the Model S, including the suspension components. Again sophisticated simplicity comes to mind.

One of the most prominent item of a Model S is the immense screen in the center of the dash. Let alone that the door handles are hyper cool. As you know we have often wondered when the connected car would be fully functional.

Patrick Jones of Tesla graciously took time from his busy evening to give us a "one on one" with the big screen in the center of the dash, and demonstrate what a connected car is all about. Again sophisticated simplicity comes to mind...the folks at Tesla have sweated the details when designing the functionality of the center screen. 

In case you are not familair with the Model S specifications and pricing.

Take a moment to review the photo gallery of the Tesla Showroom...Click.





Catch A Mazda 2

Catch a Mazda 2, and get great value...

The offer is expired....

We met Achilles Mazda and had a "Twitter Moment" the story (you have to read the story)

We reviewed a Mazda (its a cool little car, take a moment for the review and photo gallery)

Achilles Mazda of Milton is offering great value to their customers, prospects, our readers, followers, friends, folks that take an interest in our publication. 

We think its great value, and if you think its good value...spread the word, tell your friends!

If you know anyone that is considering a "little car" like a Mazda 2...pass it along!

Achilles Pelitis (the owner) feels that this deal, motivated by a touch of month end March Madness, is so good that its only valid for 72 hours (he's already having second thoughts) starting today Wed March 30 for 3 days.

Here is the deal...Click


Full Disclosure:

This a promotion for Achilles Mazda, we urge you to do your own due diligence, prior to arriving at a decision.

If you have any questions regarding the offer please ask Achilles Mazda.

If you have questions regarding the purchase of a vehicle, please use the comment section, we will gladly assist you.




Corvette Tech Session

On Saturday afternoon we attended to the 11th Annual Corvette Tech Session at Wilson Niblett  in case you did not know they are Canada's #1 Corvette dealer...yes they have been selling the most Corvettes for several years now. 

Our thoughts, and what caught our attention in no particular order...

<> Its a tech session, its held in the service area, by now you know that we like service areas, this one was spotless, the entire dealership is spotless...impressive. 

<> An opportunity to see numerous Corvettes...

<> Carl Pickelman, site manager of Wixom (Performance Build Center)...yes where Corvette builds the Z06 engines was present to interface with the guests. 

<> Folks from the Canadian chapter of NCRS were giving a demonstration of the judging criterias applied to collectible Corvettes. 

<> Had an opportunity to see some Callaway Corvettes, since Wilson Niblett is the Canadian Callaway dealer for eastern Canada. 

<> Perused Pfadt suspension components (replacement for the composite transverse srpings with coil overs), adjustable stabiliser bars, it had been a while that we had not lurked under a Corvette raised on a was cool. 

<> An opportunity to see an LS7 on a stand. For a small block Chevrolet fan, these aluminum engines, with monster valves in the heads are always cool to see.

<> Caught a Camaro convertible...for second time up close!

<> Then the Chevrolet Moment (on the 100th anniversary of Chevrolet we are having all sorts of moments) happened when we saw the Z06-X this car caught our attention, and imagination, totally cool. Especially that they started the car, wonderful lopey idle, monster ceramic brake discs, roll cage, rear spoiler, removable steering wheel, satin paint, carbon fiber. In addition to how did it get there in the first place? A reminder of a modern version of Pete's Corvette?

<> The folks at Wilson Niblett are genuine Corvette fans, they exude enthusiasm, and passion for the car, and it shows. Its the passion that makes the difference...

Take a moment to view the photo




Achilles Mazda

We encountered Achilles Mazda on Twitter, and interacted when we did the review of the Mazda 6. The review, and the interaction turned into a Twitter moment. 

At that point, we did not know anyone @AchillesMazda, the nature of Twitter, you often have no clue who is doing the Tweeting. In this instance its the dealer principle/owner, Achilles Pelitis Jr. who is tweeting. 

On a mission to pick up a vehicle, on our return we detoured by Acton to meet Achilles, had a wonderful conversation, which reinforced that he is a cool individual, a cool dealer too, with a great staff. In our conversation it was obvious that he cares about his customers, and will go the extra distance for his customers. 

Surely we don't have to tell you that he knows, and understands how business is earned. Think of this, when the owner understands, the entire dealership understands.

In our conversation Achilles tells us that he is moving to Milton in a new facility, you can imagine its an exciting time, plus a lot of work when moving into a new location, new premises, and saying your goodbyes to the old premises.

This week on another mission to pick up a vehicle we visited the new premises in Milton, the location is easy to access (401/James Snow Parkway), we were given the tour of the premises.

While we are talking about Mazda our review/photo gallery of the Mazda 6 and the Mazdaspeed 3

Take a the new premises. 

Achilles Mazda by Strada




Launching our "Dealers" Section

Must be a paradox the entire Social Autosphere usually prefers to step aside or step away or behave as if they don't exist....unless its folks directly related to providing one service or another to we are launching a new section on dealers

As far as we know most if not all new vehicles are purchased or leased from a franchised new vehicle dealer.

We are not going to tell you who is the best, who has the best deal, by now you know that its not our style....

We are not going to tell you how to buy or lease a vehicle, again its not our style, mind you if you ask a specific question we usually offer a "helping hand"...something to do with our idealistic way of seeing the world.

We will feature dealers that are active in the Social Autosphere, that are cool....

Increasingly we are all evolving into social consumers...we are open to all your suggestions.


We know "something" about cars, trucks, HD trucks, motorcycles, collector cars, our regular readers are well aware that we have a wide spectrum of automotive interests, to uphold our collective (readers too) automotive intellectual sustenance.

Although we have been very discreet, we are profoundly well versed about "dealers", we understand the dealer side (retail) of the industry. Needless to tell you that if we understand dealers, we understand customers too.

The other day we were sitting and throwing ideas around, to see which one would captivate us, and more important captivate our readers, and perhaps initiate a level of engagement.

The more we talked, the more this "dealer" thing captivated us, do we have all the answers of how it will evolve, surely we don't...who does these days?

Just so you know...the one thing we can't stand is the habitual dealer tag lines, you all know what we mean, and the habitual horn honking that some dealers do.... 

At the same time we know, and have a strong gut feel that there are some cool dealers out there. We have encountered some cool dealers, its the reason we know that there are "cool dealers".

Stay tuned...we sincerely hope that you will this project.