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2007 Toronto Auto Show

We were at the auto show today, we are sharing some photos with you. We got The Colonel to do the commentaries.

Picture 117.jpg

Picture 119.jpg

The Audi R8 is a compelling car, which opens a new market segment for Audi.

Picture 120.jpg

This year we have a focus on wheels - brakes - brake calipers.

Picture 102.jpg

Picture 101.jpg

What would an Auto Show be without a some photos of Lambo's

Picture 111.jpg

This Bentley is stunning.

Picture 112.jpg

Picture 113.jpg

Picture 114.jpg

Yes...its a 599 Fiorano

Picture 125.jpg

Audi V10 Diesel

Picture 142.jpg

Jaguar XKR

Picture 147.jpg

BMW 335i Coupe with the twin turbo motor.

Picture 151.jpg

BMW B7 Alpina

Picture 152.jpg

Picture 153.jpg

Picture 154.jpg

BMW M6 Cabriolet with the SMG Transmission / Paddles. We have a 2004 645Ci Cabriolet with the SMG transmission for sale in our showroom.

Picture 155.jpg

Picture 156.jpg

Mercedes-Benz CLS63

Picture 162.jpg

The wheels again, notice the AMG on the wheel.

Picture 193.jpg

Picture 195.jpg

Picture 194.jpg

SLR 722

We had an opportunity to get up close and personal to this car.

Picture 190.jpg

Picture 187.jpg

Picture 188.jpg

Picture 183.jpg

Then we perused the carbon fibre in the interior.

Picture 180.jpg

Picture 182.jpg

Picture 185.jpg

This is a cool car...!

Picture 250.jpg

Picture 252.jpg

Ducati 1098 its like an F1 car on 2 wheels.

Picture 270.jpg

Picture 271.jpg

Interesting front brake in this Buell

Picture 274.jpg

The Daytona 500 was today and a Monte Carlo SS won.

Picture 279.jpg

Picture 281.jpg

Picture 280.jpg

Porsche GT3

Picture 289.jpg

Wheel from a twin turbo.

Picture 291.jpg

Picture 292.jpg

Picture 293.jpg

Fisker Tramonto its a rebodied SL55, this particular car was driven from Chicago to Toronto by Jim Kenzie, and the owner for the Auto Show.

Picture 304.jpg

Picture 305.jpg


Picture 306.jpg

Picture 309.jpg

Cadillac CTS

Picture 343.jpg

Picture 344.jpg

Picture 340.jpg

Lexus LS600 hL

Picture 027.jpg

Downtown TO




2007 Torornto Auto Show - More Photos

More photos....

Picture 030.jpg

Picture 037.jpg

Picture 038.jpg

Picture 040.jpg

Picture 041.jpg

Picture 043.jpg

Picture 047.jpg

1956 Buick Caballero

Picture 048.jpg

Is it a Ford? Yes a Galaxie

Picture 049.jpg

Plymouth GTX

Picture 052.jpg

1965 Chevrolet Impala

Picture 054.jpg

1967 do you recognise a 67 from a 68, the 68 had side marker lights.

Picture 055.jpg

1956 Ford

Picture 058.jpg

Picture 061.jpg

Picture 063.jpg

Picture 065.jpg

Its an Avanti

Picture 066.jpg

Picture 098.jpg

Audi TT

Picture 106.jpg

Maserati MC12

Picture 107.jpg

Maserati Quattroporte

Picture 108.jpg

You know what it is...don't you!

Picture 158.jpg


Picture 196.jpg

Bluetec Diesel

Picture 199.jpg


Picture 219.jpg

Its a Ford

Picture 220.jpg

Another Ford

Picture 226.jpg

And another Ford

Picture 227.jpg

Picture 228.jpg

Picture 230.jpg

Parnelli you remember?

Picture 243.jpg

Picture 245.jpg

Picture 277.jpg