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Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room make yourself comfortable enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation, and tell your friends to visit.

Its the 2nd day of Fall...

If you missed our coverage of the Cobble Beach Concours d'

Unifor settled with GM, and Oshawa as well as St.Catherine will remain open for the foreseable future. Yes...its a good thing for everyone. It was interesting to see the initial bluster on the part of GM that they would close Oshawa in the near future, great tactics.

The inexorable march towards utility vehicles, and trucks continues unabated in the Canadian market. You have to wonder when it will stop, or if it will stop at some point. Its obvious that everyone is seeking a multi use vehicle which is more versatile than a car. Yes...the station wagon in its new form endures.

We spent time with a Cadillac CT6 Platinum (top of the line) and a Subaru Impreza WRX STi we will publish the reviews in the next few days. Both are impressive cars.

As we progress towards autonomous vehicles (AV) you can certainly grasp the dramatic changes that will occur in the insurance industry. It will be a case of Big Brother watching 24/7/365 reflect on this for a moment. We are on a vector of relegating our privacy to a myriad of sensors, and data

The unconnected vehicle might just command a premium price in the future. What do you think.

If you dislike shoes with laces like we do, here is a cool self lacing What does it have to do with cars...not much.

As we all wait for interest rates to rise, the Canadian economy to shift to a higher gear; and while we keep on waiting CMS (Citizen Main Street) keeps on borrowing more money. The loan terms on vehicles remain long, real estate prices in the GTA are through the roof, and the Canadian dollar persists in the dumpster.

If you have the feeling that "something" is increasingly disconnected from "something" else...we agree with you. Good thing that money flows freely and that CMS keeps the whole thing going, and going, and going.

If you have read that CADA (Canadian Automobile Dealer Association) continues to stick to their position of keeping banks out of vehicle leasing, and by now have the feeling that its an archaic, and antiquated position we agree with you. From our perspective Canadian banks have had an uplifting effect in providing financial services to the auto business. Some banks are funding manufacturer branded financial services, including the lease portfolios. Indirectly some Canadian banks are already in the leasing business.

Our usual old race cars from the Goodwood Revival 2016.