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While Sitting in Traffic

If you live in the GTA and have been dealing with congestion for a while; you are familiar with just sitting in your vehicle and not moving very fast.

It gets even more interesting when you just got off a plane at Pearson, fetched your vehicle out of the parking, and start on a couple of 400 series highways. Yes...400 series highway are some of the most congested roads in Canada, and probably North America.

At Strada we are not strong on being on the phone or multi tasking in a vehicle preferring to focus on the task of driving. It gets even more interesting after spending several hours in a plane, and now sitting in a vehicle, and crawling.

Here is the deal:

We review all sorts of vehicles, always have an interest of what is on the road, and when you are crawling its a great opportunity to observe what folks are driving at a slower speed. Interesting enough at some point its all a blur of cars, utilities, trucks, and heavy duty trucks pulling trailers.

Absolutely...the folks that are forever changing lanes trying to gain half a length.

You start observing who is driving what, and perhaps reasons for driving such a vehicle.

At one point we are gaining on a utility in the middle lane. Most utilities look the same from the back, this one is a GLC300 (M-B) with an older individual driving. "Why would this guy get a GLC at his stage in life?" this thing is lacking any kind of a cool factor. Its another utility lost in a sea of utilities on the road. 

Behind us for the longest of time there's a CTS Coupe a few years old that still looks cool, with also an older individual driving.

"Are we the only ones that feel strongly that metal must resonate?"

"Is everyone just getting metal for the sake of having transportation?"

"Why am I usually looking up from the car I'm sitting in?" Simple with the sea of utilities and pick ups a car is quite low.

"All this time and gas literally wasted going nowhere fast." The joys of urban living.

"What are my chances of apexing the exit?" Probably not good...too many vehicle, too slow.

"Why did this guy get a GLC?" Still no answer...must be that utilities are practical, and sort of all look the same.



Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, make yourself comfortable enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti. Join the conversation, and please tell your friends to visit the Vroom Room.

Is it just us, or do you also feel that time is increasing in acceleration, and velocity. Its almost incredible as to how fast time dissipates. an age of rampant technology its a huge competitive factor...huge, immense competitive factor.

A few days ago we were talking about a pivot in the last quarter of this year. Canadian sales will remain a record for 2016, while they are pivoting in the last quarter and in 2017. Who are we to make such statements? We will see in a few days, and months ahead.

Last year we told you about the metal epiphany. If the metal does not resonate purchase decisions are slower to being finalised. Its obvious that the folks that want the metal to resonate, also want to be engaged, entertained, satisfied, prior to finalising a decision.

Most if not all of the sound bites are about self driving cars, when the best application of the technology is with trucks. Watch the driver make his way to the sleeper compartment of this Otto truck while its travelling down the road with a full load of Budweiser beer.

By now you surely heard about the Mercedes-Benz pick up, the X Class, that is really a Nissan with a Benz interior. Its the GLE with a box, that will look good in front of the new head office in Atlanta.

Our usual old race cars from the LeMans Classic Behind The Scenes.