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How We Publish Strada

With the increasing amount of content, and sound.

Perhaps you might be interested in how we publish Strada.


Our editorial vector/direction has been a constant through the years "Passion in everything that we do we don't follow...we lead" and we are not in the news or eyeball business.



Our main platform is Squarespace, we have always been with Squarespace. How come its not flashier? Simple we publish on Squarespace 5, and to not lose any of our content we remain on Squarespace 5. Although we publish other content on a Squarespace 7 platform. But Strada stays on 5 to keep all our content available and searchable from 10 years ago.

On our Welcome page you can see on which platforms we have content.


The Colonel is a strong believer that technology does the grunt work, while the human brain is doing the thinking. We use technology to do the grunt work, to abbreviate time. Strada is generated on an Acer PC from a few years ago, with a 27 inch screen, and a reasonably fast internet connection.

You should know that The Colonel has no patience for any form of slow technology...none.


The Colonel has evolved from SLR cameras, rolls of film, lenses, and a shoulder bag to haul it around.

Now you see all these folks with cameras, lenses, more lenses, and so on. Agreed it looks very professional. The Colonel believes that the technology in the camera should do the work. While the camera fits in a pocket.

Yes...we use Pic Monkey to edit some of our photos. The crew will also use an iPhone to do shoots,

Background Sound:

You need some sort of background sound while generating content. In our case Sirius XM is the provider both on the PC and in the car. The channels 6-7-8-17-26-66-70 to name a few. Surround sound, absolutely.


By now you surely know that we only generate content for Strada, we have 10 years of searchable content on the publication. You also know that our content provides insight and incites a thought process. That you are an enthusiast, in the auto business, or just curious; the content is to initiate a thought process.

Our content is not in the news business, the click or eyeball business.


We constantly make an effort to disseminate knowledge, and its all free. Where does this knowledge come from? Simple we have been in the auto business in Canada for 2 generations, had an opportunity to see most aspects of the business.

At times its fascinating to see the "mainstream" catch up to our content in a delayed fashion. 

We don't have all the answers, never did, never will.

We know that we are disruptive.


We enjoy doing vehicle reviews, and ideally we prefer to review vehicles that capture our attention. Perhaps its the reason our reviews are rarely if ever negative. There is always "something" about the vehicles we review that is of interest to us. 

Why Do We Do It?

Its a passion, its fun, its disseminating a profound knowledge of the business, its exploring new thought vectors, its being disruptive, always gaining additional insight of  the various interactions.

Its the passion...





Vroom Room and 10 Years


Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, make yourself comfortable enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation, tell your friends to join.

Its 10 years that we publish Strada.

A huge THANK YOU to all the folks that read our publication, follow us on the various platforms, and share their thoughts, and comments with us.

As we said last year, and its worth repeating:

By now you know that "we don't follow, we lead", as well as not being in the eyeball business, we are in the thought provoking business. We constantly urge folks to apply their intelligence, look ahead, while taking a 360 degree perspective, to push the envelope, connect dots, and be remarkable in their own way.

What do we know of the auto business as we call it? The Colonel's father was a mechanic a couple of generations ago. We did not have an auto epiphany, we grew up, evolved, earned a living with cars, and we persist in being PASSIONATE about cars, and the business surrounding cars.

We are not in the habit of honking our horn...for 10 years all our content is available and searchable, while having folks from mostly Canada and the US but also from all over the planet read our thoughts. Its like "Wow we have been doing this for 10 years, still having fun and looking forward to many more years".

We urge you to try the search feature for yourself.

Our usual old race cars from the Coronado Speed Festival 2016.



Reflections On 10 Years

We always say that if years ago someone would have told us that we would still be publishing know the answer by now.

Agreed...a whole bunch of stuff has evolved, changed, been disrupted during the past 10 years. When we started it was primarily PC's. Think of it the iPhone was not available yet. Today its primarily mobile.

The auto business has gone through a multitude of changes, and almost melting down too.

The economy has endured a myriad of convolutions, now its global, then its local, and so on and on.

Society...what can you say, a bunch of changes here too.

At the same time humans are an old species, we still walk upright, have a brain, need to eat. Lets not forget totally empowered we all go around with serious computational power in our pockets. 2006 they were no longer just mechanical, but nowhere as technologically sophisticated as today. We have gone from hybrids, to electric, to diesels, to gas, from mid size sedans, to trucks. We could keep on going but you can see how stuff changes, gyrates, through the years.

Yes...we are still publishing Strada.

What did we observe along the way:

It takes PASSION to keep a publication going for 10 years.

There is a ton of Pedestrian Knowledge that is being disseminated in sound bites by a bunch of folks.

You need to CONNECT DOTS quickly, efficiently, and in a compelling fashion.

Everything changes, stays the same, goes backwards, creeps forward too.

TIME increases in value, and dissipates faster.

Technology equalizes the playing field, sand box, landscape.

Everyone is seeking an edge, advantage, unique proposition.

The constants...

The inexorable progress towards increasing the technology content of vehicles.

It remains an exciting, and competitive business.

Metal must resonate to facilitate a decision.

Ongoing evolution and change.

The impact both positive and negative of technology.

Profound, meaningful knowledge remains elusive.

We are not in the eyeball business.

All our content remains published, and searchable...try it.

We provide INSIGHT not sound bites to attract eyeballs.

Yes...even more PASSION.




Strada Content

Just in case...

In case you did not know the various platforms we use publish/disseminate our content.

Yes...we have been featuring our content on several platforms for years now.

Go to our Welcome page, and see for yourself.

Why do we use several platforms? It all started by happenstance years ago, by adopting one, then another, as the story goes we ended out on several.


We have been on Twitter since 2009 its a few years now, the early days of Twitter were more interactive with a myriad of folks. We still have several good "Twitter Friends" that we interact with on an almost daily basis.


We started our "Wall of Reviews" again several years ago. Perhaps to uphold the tradition we still have the first car that we reviewed and onward on the wall.


We have a ton of content on Slideshare, go for a visit you will be surprised as to what is available. The same for Scribd.


We feature photos that capture our attention. Yes...we have an affinity for Peterbilts.

Making a Difference

Through the years, we have concluded that our content "makes a difference". In one fashion or another we make a difference. We are also emulated. We have a regular readership of a wide spectrum of folks that are involved in the auto industry, or simply have an interest in cars.


We have to thank The Colonel for his passion which is boundless.




Strada Search

As we are on the cusp of the Dog Days of Summer, and perhaps this year everyone will take it a little easier, or will it be a little busier.

If you are entertaining a thought, have a question and seeking an answer, or simply curious about something automotive.

Try our Strada Search you will be pleasantly surprised. Often we are surprised when we search our content.

Why you should try our search, and perhaps even tell your friends.

  • We have been publishing for 10 years, all our content from the past 10 years is available and searchable.
  • We continue to cover most aspects of the auto business, we try to take a 360 degree view.
  • We always strive to uphold a thought leadership position.
  • We seek to provoke a thought process.
  • Many of our thoughts have held the test of time.

We encourage you to try the Strada Search.